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Another Awesome Contest! June 30, 2007

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veraprize1.jpg Pinks & Blues (check them out on my blogroll) are having a contest for a Vera Bradley bag and some Body Shop coconut butter courtesy of The Body Shop Consultant. What says summer more than coconut butter? I think I will actually save it for when I am freezing my tushie off this winter and slather it on (not on my tushie, on my body…is this too much information?) I digress. You can enter over here. I am linking to so many contests right now, you must let me know if you win one.


Cute Personalized Placemats

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july-4-button-180pix.jpg  Another great contest from 5 Minutes for Mom. Seriously, I hope I win something cause I am loving these prizes. Today’s is a set of personalized placemats from Olive Kids. I just visited their website and man is their stuff cute. I love the drawer pulls. Anyway, check out the contest and enter here.


Great Saturday

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sun.jpg  What a great Saturday we have had around Casa de Diaper Diaries. This morning while the baby napped, my 3 1/2 year old and I played an intense game of dominoes. We giggled a lot and tried hard to beat each other. Isn’t silly that I get competitive with a child? She mostly won, but I think she let me win one game. Then, we did some much need yard work as a family. We rewarded ourselves with a family concert with my oldest singing into a hairbrush, me playing a mean tennis racket, my youngest beating on a drum and my hubby holding the video camera. Look for us touring in a town near you.

After lunch, I took a fabulous catnap. My oldest mastered the rope swing on the swing set for the first time. I am about to set up my hammock that my hubby got me for my birthday. It is the perfect temperature for sitting on the back deck to blog a little. Later, after the kids go to bed, the hubby and I are opening a nice bottle of white and laying on the hammock under the stars.



Jewelery Giveaway

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july-4-button-180pix.jpg What could be better than free jewelery? 5 Minutes for Mom continues their 4th of July giveaway with a beautiful necklace from Designing Diva. Go over and enter here.


3 Things I Want My Daughters To Know June 29, 2007

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three.jpg MamaBlogga is having a writing contest with the theme “3 Things I Want My Kids To…” I have actually been thinking a lot about what I want to write. I toyed with the idea of a humorous post, but in the end this is what I came up with.

Three Things I Want My Daughters To Know

1. They are Beautiful: Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want girls who are vain and obsessed with their looks. I have known women who were imprisoned by their parents by being told they were pretty so much that they feel like they have nothing else to offer. We all know as we grow older that beauty fades and then what are you left with? What I am talking about is combating the images that bombard young girls today… waif-thin, airbrushed, starlets with fake hair, nails, lashes and boobs. I have difficulty coping with these images, and I am not thirteen and awkwardly hitting puberty (thank God). I try to tell my girls that they are beautiful because they are a creation of God and that we are striving for beauty on the inside. It’s hard to internalize when everything around them is telling them the opposite.

2. They are talented: I am always appalled when watching the parents of the kids who audition for American Idol with absolutely zero singing talent. In their interviews, they go on-and-on about how talented their kids are and how the judges have really missed the boat not realizing how fabulous their kid is. I don’t doubt that their kids are talented… just not at singing. I know my kids won’t be good at everything, but they will be good at something. I think our job is to find that something that they are passionate about, and talented at, and encourage them to be the best they can be. They might not be a prima ballerina or sing at the Metropolitan Opera, but they will always know their mom and dad are proud of them.

3. They are Loved: I really don’t think there is a day that goes by around here when we don’t tell our daughters this. I have met many women in my life who weren’t given this validation growing up and man, did they go looking for it in all the wrong places. There are all sorts of men in this world who will offer a cheap and counterfit version of the love we all long for. I hope that when all is said and done in my job as a mom, this is what my daughters will most know to be true: not only that they are loved and cherished by their parents, but that God does it even better than we do.

You still have one more day to join in over at MamaBlogga. I hope you do, it is a great thing to think about.


Veggie Booty

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veggie-booty.jpg Normally when our phone rings at 7:15 in the morning we get a little worried that some sort of catastrophe has occured. It has. My mother-in-law was calling to tell us that veggie booty has been recalled.

Some of you might be thinking, “Get a grip lady, this isn’t a national tragedy, it’s just a snack food.” Really? Cause in our house it is a staple food and one of the only “vegetables” I can persuade my 3 1/2 year old to eat (besides Flat Earth Chips). “Those aren’t veggies,” you say. Really? You must not have a child who is a picky eater, cause if you did you would realize you call anything a veggie at that point. French fries=vegetable, potato chips=vegetable, and other veggie flavored thing=vegetable…

Which brings us back to veggie booty. How is it that a picky eater likes something coated in spinach and kale powder? No offense to Robert’s Gourmet, but the stuff is tastes nasty(their Pirate’s Booty however…I could eat a whole bag in one setting). So I have been feeding my kids the stuff, blissfully unaware the I could be feeding them salmonella. Maybe that is the cause of their recent behavior (see here for a stellar example).

So I now am ready to empathize with you moms who were devestated by the Thomas the Train recall. Truth be told, I really didn’t care about it before. With 2 girls, we frankly just aren’t that into trains around here. Now, I feel your pain.


Frugal Fridays- Selling Books June 28, 2007

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frugalfridays.jpg So everyone knows you can sell anything on Ebay and buy books on Amazon, but did you know that Amazon is a great place to sell books. It is incredibly easy and a great way to make a little cash from the overstocked bookshelves in your home (or is that just my home?).

If you go to Amazon and type in the title of your book, there is a place on the right side of the page where you can click “Sell Your Books Here.” You simply put in the condition of your book and how much you want for it, and wait for a buyer. Obviously the lower price you list your book at, the better chance it has of selling. Amazon factors shipping into what they pay you and takes a small cut. You are then responsible for mailing the book out to the buyer within a certain window of time. My philosophy is, it never hurts to see what the going rate is so give any old book you want to get rid of a try.

This works well for old text books, obscure books, out of print books, etc. This does not work well for really popular books such as Oprah or Today show book club recommendations because everyone and their dog is trying to sell the same book and listing them at a penny. However, your bonus tip for the day (at no extra charge) is that if you are looking for those kinds of books, look for used ones on Amazon.

So I think it is a win-win. You clean off your cluttered book shelves of books you will never look at again and you can make a little money in the process. Happy selling!