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Things I Love Thursday- Father’s Day Edition June 14, 2007

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I promise I will usually tell you about some fantastic product on Thursdays, but today I want to take a minute to tell you about 2 things I love very much, my hubby and my daddy. I wish I knew how to start a meme cause I think it would be great if everyone took the time to do this for Father’s Day, but since I don’t feel free to praise them on your site and link back to mine.

5 Reasons I Love my Hubby:

1. He lets me sleep in almost every morning. He takes first shift with the early risers and gives me an extra 45 minutes. Usually by the time I get up they are already changed and fed. This is the gift that keeps on giving. I should also mention he also gets up in the night a lot. This is so fabulous, my list could really end, but I will go on.

2. He makes me laugh. Almost everyday. After 6 years of marriage. He can still find ways to crack me up, often in inappropriate situations.

3. He takes me to musicals. Did I mention how much he hates musicals. He would probably rather get his teeth pulled then go to them, but he goes anyway because he knows how much I love them. He does love theatre in general and music and other cultured things. Not on the level of hockey, but its a start.

4. He’s a man of integrity. When his boss was looking to hire someone for my hubby’s current position, he asked someone, “Who do you think of when I say integrity?” The person immediately said my husband. What could possibly make me more proud than to be married to someone who has that reputation. He rarely disappoints in this area. He holds himself to a really high standard and never cops the excuse, “That’s just how guys are,” which is how our culture seems to excuse all sorts of inappropriate behavior.

5. His family and marriage are everything to him.I could list 100 things here to illustrate this. He is one of the most committed family men I know. The best thing I can share is how he prays for our family. Everyday before he leaves for work we pray for our day as a family. Every night before he goes to bed he prays over each of our daugthers. On their birthdays every year he picks out a passage of scripture to pray over each one and faithfully does it every night. How is that for and Ephesians 6 man.

5 Reasons I Love my daddy:

1. He is generous. Everything I have learned about being generous I have learned from my dad and my husband. My dad is always willing to help someone in need and feels strongly in the philosophy that you can’t take it with you so you should enjoy your money by sharing it with others.

2. He says what he thinks. Admittedly this isn’t always great cause he seems to be missing that wire that goes from the brain to the mouth to tell you not to say something, but I always know how he really feels (like about my recent piercing) and that is refreshing. He also loves to tease and that is how you know he loves you. Sometimes he could stand a little more sensitivity, but we love him anyway.

3. He is so darn likeable. Despite fact #2, everyone loves him. In fact, he can go to a new place all by himself and leave knowing half the people there. I think that is very cool.

4. He’s been married forever. Ok not really forever, but since they started dating in 8th grade, they have been together pretty close to forever. They have been together this long not because marriage is easy, but because they are committed to each other for life. In today’s culture where marriages last as short as a few months, I think that is awesome.

5. His family is everything to him: Without being discrespecful, lets just say that my dad’s dad wasn’t the poster child for good fathering. Despite that fact, my dad is truly one of the best, most involved dads that I know. Growing up he sat through all my music stuff despite being a sports guy through and through. He was never one to withold hugs or “I Love Yous” and often tells me how proud he is of me. He just picked up and moved 9 hours away from the state he has always lived in to be nearer to his kids and grandkids. This man is obsessed with his grandkids. I am so blessed they have a grandpa (2 actually) who adore them so much and they adore him right back.

Thanks for indulging my really long post. I hope we all take time this weekend to push pause on the “nag and complain about our husbands” button (we all probably do too much of that) and tell them why we love them so. Make sure to tell your daddy too.


One Response to “Things I Love Thursday- Father’s Day Edition”

  1. CoCo Says:

    OK–now you got me crying!!!I couldn’t agree more with your assessments. We are truly blessed with the men in our lives. As I remember my precious “daddy” today I can only praise God for choosing him as my father. He passed down such a legacy of love and family committment. I miss him so much,but the memories I have are priceless.

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