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Frugal Fridays- Your Local Library June 21, 2007

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frugalfridays.jpgI am an avid book reader. I even belong to a fabulous book club (I have to say that-the leader reads my blog). I used to spend a lot of money buying books for the kids and me. Then I rediscovered the library.

I say rediscovered because when I was young, I lived at the library. I remember going through the big card file looking for info on all sorts of different topics. Then I got older and busier and stopped going. But once I had kids, I started to venture back for story hour. Now we go nearly every week and I am so enjoying watching my oldest love the library like I used to love the library.

We have an amazing local library. The kids area has a play kitchen, a dress up box, a doll house and a train table. My kids could spend hours there. I like to grab a magazine and relax while they play to their hearts content. Then we pick out a handful of books and head out. You can rent computer games, movies and books on tape. You can event rent passes to get into the local museums and zoos. They often times have reading programs for both adults and kids with some decent prizes. We went to Disney on Ice last year for free through a library program. This week we went and saw a really entertaining juggler at the local library as part of their summer reading program.

I encourage you to check out what your library has to offer. Even if it just the basic “check out books” kind of library, that beats shelling out $15 for the latest best seller or a book your kid looks at once and never again. Then if you find they are picking out the same book everytime, you can go get them their own copy. I think one of the best things we can instill in our children is a love of books. And by reading “Where the Wild Things Are” over and over, I get to relive a little of my childhood too.


One Response to “Frugal Fridays- Your Local Library”

  1. Georgia Mom Says:

    We LOVE the library! Sad to say my sweet hubby has already informed me that our Friday night plans include a trip to library. You know you’re getting old when…

    Georgia Mom

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