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Take Me Out To The Ballgame June 25, 2007

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baseball.jpgMy church sponsored a night at the local ballpark to thank those who lead small groups. It is so nice to be appreciated. My hubby and I went sans kids to get a little free food and watch a little baseball. Nothing is better than a hotdog loaded with relish at a baseball game.

We didn’t stay long cause we have a friend visiting from out of town, but our time there was filled with cordial small talk. I stink at small talk. My husband is pretty good at it, but I feel like I just stand there and smile trying to think of something witty to say. Once you get to know me, I am never (and I mean never) at a loss for words, but those initial meetings are painful for me.

So we walk onto the deck the church has reserved and I look around at a sea of strangers and few acquaintances and a couple of friends. Now I suddenly feel like I am back in junior high, trying to figure out who to sit with and talk to. To make things worse, everyone else knows each other. Well, not really, but it feels this way.

When we lived in Chicago, we went to this great church were I felt like we were in the center of everything. We knew tons of people and going to church on Sunday was like seeing all of our friends. We moved here 2 years ago and our church here is really big so that process of getting to know people takes a lot longer. So we jumped in and tried to get really involved, but it still feels like we only know a handful of people sometimes.

So we sit down to eat and an empty table and 3 couples come by and look like they are about to sit down and then see someone they know at another table and pass us by. I don’t in anyway mean to imply they were rude, they just actually knew people there and would prefer their company to that of total strangers. I would have too, but I had no choice.

I guess all this is just to say that I wonder when this gets easier? When do you get comfortable with the small talk with strangers thing? Is there some sort of seminar I can take to master the art of small talk? Or must I spend these moments trapped in some sort of junior high nightmare? At least there was free food.


3 Responses to “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”

  1. Jackie F Says:

    My husband and nephew were at the game last night too! They sat right behind the plate. How funny! I also signed up for the spa. I’ll start packing!

  2. Steph Says:

    I feel this way a lot too about making small talk with new people, wine helps though. I would never have guessed that you are the same way. Don’t worry someone will see a best dressed, hip, nose ring wearing mommy and be drawn to chat your ear off. If not, their loss 🙂

  3. Aunt Sherry Says:

    Jill, I wish I could tell you that this will get better with age, but I still struggle with it. I think it is just one of those things – either you have it(the gift of small talk) or you don’t!! Just always try to be with someone that does1

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