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Things I Love-DVR June 27, 2007

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dvr.jpg I have some confessions to make. I have been spoiled by DVR and can’t ever go back to to regular TV. I haven’t watched a commercial in years. I really haven’t even watched live TV much in years. In fact I am using my DVR as I blog watching the best summer show around, “So You Think You Can Dance” (you know you love it, it’s OK to admit it).

So here is the deal. You can record any TV show you want without tapes. Actually, you can record 2 at one time which is very helpful on Thursday nights when every channel has shows on we love (yes, we have a problem with TV, the first step is admitting you have a problem). Then your DVR stores it on a hard drive for you to watch whenever you have time. My DVR tip is that you never need to watch live TV. You just record your favorite program and then start it 20 minutes after its start time so that you can fast forward through all the commercials.

Another great feature is that you can pause and rewind live TV. So lets say you are right in the middle of the results show for “So You Think You Can Dance” and your moms calls (she should know better cause she knows you watch the show, but I digress). You simply push pause, talk to your mom, then restart the program after your done. Or if you say are a hockey fanatic, you can rewind your favorite play over and over saying, “Look honey, isn’t this amazing?” to your unintersted fascinated wife.

Our DVR comes as part of our cable package. I should seriously be getting kick backs from them for how much I talk about my love of DVR. So, try it out…once you go DVR, you will never go back to regular TV (sounds like a good advertising campaign).


3 Responses to “Things I Love-DVR”

  1. cleaver mama Says:

    AMEN SISTER! It allows me the guilty pleasure of watching General Hospital after the kids go to bed. I know. I know. But I am guilty as charged!

  2. Georgia Mom Says:

    Love my DVR; have no desire to live without it. Love “So You Think You Can Dance”. And I’m not even ashamed to admit it!

    Georgia Mom

  3. lookmomlook Says:

    I have recently gotten rid of the hallowed DVR. I find I actually have more free time now because I not watching all these random shows I recorded. However, I don’t know what I will do when the great Thursday shows start up again! As for “So You Think You Can Dance”. I love it too. I am just waiting for a show titled “So you Know You Can Dance” to start. I will be on that one for sure 🙂

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