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Thank God I just cleaned it yesterday… June 28, 2007

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toilet.jpg   I was showering today in relative peace which was odd because my one year old was in the bathroom with me. I had taken the toilet paper off the roll so she couldn’t pull it all off (one of her favorite pastimes). I had given her some toys to amuse herself with and was showering in record time. Apparently the one thing I forgot to do was ensure that the toilet seat was down. When I came out she was standing next to an open toilet with wet hands and mouth.

This caps off a week in which my oldest decided to be a beautician (on her own hair thankfully), my 1 year old fell off the side of the stairs and was bleeding, my children had a major meltdown while shopping in Target, and I forgot I had a nose piercing and caught my stud on a towel. All I can say is thank God tomorrow is Granny Day and I am heading to the spa.


3 Responses to “Thank God I just cleaned it yesterday…”

  1. Boy oh boy, you deserve some kind of Mommy award for this week! The spa sounds just about right!! 🙂 Have fun!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  2. Olivia Says:

    The towel gets you everytime!

  3. Minivan Mom Says:

    Congratulations! You won the t-shirt contest at More Than A Minivan Mom. Please e-mail me at

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