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Works For Me Wednesday- “It’s Normal.” July 31, 2007

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wfmwheader_163.jpg When I became a mom for the first time, I had the benefit of having 3 close friends who were seasoned mom-like on their 3rd and 4th kids seasoned. These moms were a lifeline to me in those first few months as a first time mom when you constantly seem to be frazzled, sleep deprived, scared and confused. To be honest, these moms are still the women I call when I need mommy advice even though by now I have been through these things once or twice.

I distinctly remember one time when Lily was a few months old and she had been crying for what seemed like forever and nothing was working to make her stop. I was functioning on way to little sleep and my hormones were still completely out of whack. I found myself curled up in the corner of my room in the fetal position with my hands over my ears. I was crying uncontrollably, but managed to dial one of these friends. I was so ashamed of my inability to deal with this child I had wanted  for so long. I will never forget her words to me as I confessed my breakdown-“It’s Normal.” I can almost remember the relief that washed over me as she recounted all the meltdowns she had with a new baby.

The more I hang around other moms, the more I notice how often we tentatively tell our stories, waiting for that assurance that we are normal-that our kids are normal, our marriages are normal, our complete inability to master this motherhood thing is in fact, normal. The great thing is, when it comes to parenting, so much is “normal.”

Yourbaby’s poop is fluorescent orange after eating a lot of carrots-normal. Your toddler thinks the 4 food groups are chicken nuggets, PB & J, grilled cheese and anything containing high fructose corn syrup-normal. You are trying to nurse while out to eat with a friend and somehow manage to squirt breast milk across the table into her eye-normal. You beg your OB to tell you that although 6 weeks have passed, you are still “not ready” (you so know what I am talking about)- normal.

This is why I must preach, yet again, that motherhood is not to be attempted without a vast social network of other mommies. So my Works For Me Wednesday tip is be bold and transparent enough to confess all your stuff to some trusted mommies. 9 out of 10 times, you will hear those precious words, “It’s normal.” The best part is that these words are often followed by some great stories (like the nursing one from above, I love that story…mostly because it isn’t mine)

For more great parenting advice from other “seasoned” moms head over to Rocks in my Dryer.


What’s Grosser Than Gross

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immadult.jpg Where oh where do I begin?  We have noticed some little moths flying around our house lately so the hubby pops on Google to investigate. I simply have written these off as a side effect of kids going in and out of the house in the summer and leaving the door ajar. Nope, Google has enlightened us to the fact that they are hatching from larvae that has somehow infested our food. Gross.

So, we go through the cupboards looking through the most likely infected food: dried fruits, cereals, pasta. The good news: that stuff is all stored pretty much in the same cupboard. The bad news: it is in the cupboard we eat out of the most. Really bad news: upon closer inspection we find several larvae on the sides and tops of these shelves. Grosser.

So the hubby starts to pull all of the open food off the shelf so we an locate the source of the problem. We start with the food that has been opened the longest and work back from there. I am feeding Lily dinner in the next room so I am not in on the action (also bug killing and hunting falls squarely in the manly job category). The hubby exclaims, “Found it! There are tons of them in the walnuts.” I am so glad we have found the source until I realize I ate those walnuts…last week. Grossest. 


Music Monday-Sara Groves July 30, 2007

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record1.jpg Have you ever heard someone’s music and thought, “I really want to be friends with that person?” No, only me then. When I first heard Sara Groves that is exactly what I thought. Then I saw her live last year and I knew we could be good friends. Actually, I think she is way to cool for me, but a girl can dream.

Sara’s music is really more like poetry set to a tune. I feel like her writing is kind of a window into her diary because it is so personal and transparent. When I listen, I almost feel like we are having a conversation (perfect seguay…)

Her best album for me is Conversations. The title track along with “He’s Always Been Faithful” are so inspiring. I recently discovered the album Station Wagon. This has a lot of songs about being a mom that I can laugh to and cry to. She is a mom of 2 little boys and just “gets it.”

Let me just say that it is pretty hard to find videos of Christian music artists cause it is not like they are getting air time on MTV. I found this video of Sarah on you tube and it is pretty representative of her sounds. It is a song for a movie and there is some talking so bear with that. Otherwise go buy or download some of her music. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


At Least Mealtime is Never Boring July 29, 2007

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carmenmiranda.jpg Hannah has always been a very messy eater. She usually ends up wearing more food that she does eating it, and that is saying a lot considering how much she eats. She also likes to throw food on the floor. So meals are always an exercise in patience and there is a lot of clean up afterwards.

Her latest mealtime trick is to take a piece of food and place it on her head before eating it. I have no idea what this accomplishes, but she thinks she is very funny. We are trying very hard not to laugh at her, but it is proving to be very difficult. We are probably inadvertently encouraging this bizarre behavior. Today at the end of dinner she had a slight mohawk from the oil on her pasta and a few green beans stuck throughout her hair. I think we are only a few meals away from a mini Carmen Miranda.


Another Great Contest!

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gymboree.jpg I am a clothes addict and I have transferred my obsession with fashion to buying clothes for my children. It is easy to do with 2 little girls. So imagine my excitement when I discovered Love Shak is having a contest to win $250 worth of clothes from Gymboree. There clothes are so cute but I rarely shop there cause it is so expensive (unless you count ebay :)). Head on over and enter


The Best Contest Ever!!! July 28, 2007

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insignia-flat-panel-tv.jpg Even better than ours last week. Even better than the scanalizer (which for some reason I really want). Are you sitting down for this? 5 Minutes for Mom is giving away 5, yes 5 37″ flat screen TVs valued at $800 sponsored by Best Buy. Is that the craziest thing ever. Get over and enter people!!!! And if you win, think of me as you are enjoying So You Think You Can Dance on your new TV.


We Have a Winner! July 27, 2007

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jesusprintsmall.jpg Thanks to a little help from our friends over at we have a winner in our Dog Days of Summer giveaway. Penny G (who is blogless) has won herself a Jesus print. In the event that Penny is not able to fulfill her duties as winner, I will go to the second runner up (how Miss America-ish).

Please remember that you can still order anything from Script-Yours until August 15th and receive a 20% discount my mentioning my blog. Take advantage while it lasts. The products make really great gifts.

Thanks again to Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer for hosting. And thanks for stopping by.