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Ranting and Raving July 1, 2007

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soapbox.jpg So I am climbing back on today because I have gotten my knickers all in a bunch over something said in the sermon today. Our regular pastor is taking a few well deserved weeks off. Our youth director spoke today about Moses leaving a life of comfort because he was asked to go free the Isrealites. The basic theme was that as Americans, we tend to seek out comfort when God is calling us to greater things to advance his Kingdom. Also, that being comfortable is boring and we should strive to live epic lives for God’s purposes.

Nothing offensive in that, right? I totally believe that we all need to stretch and grow outside our comfort zones when God is calling us to serve him. It was the personal example he used that ruffled my feathers. He was talking about how he and his wife made all sorts of plans before their baby came 4 months ago in order to make life comfortable enough for her to stay home. She has found 4 months into motherhood that her life is boring and feels like it lacks purpose. He then said, “I think in striving to serve her [by making her life comfortable], I have done her a dis-service.”

That was the point when steam came out of my ears and I stopped listening to any other good points he may have made. I know I am probably completely misinterpreting what he said (supported by the fact that 2 people who I talked to afterwards did not remotely hear it the same way), but you will have to excuse me for reacting this was, being someone a bit defensive of my decision to stay home with my children. To me, that decision is anything but the comfortable choice to make.

We have sacrificed 2 incomes for 1. I am paying off loans for a master’s degree I am not using. The part of my brain that makes intelligent conversation with adults has gone on vacation and I am not sure when it is coming back. My most meaningful contributions to society as of late are my completely random posts on a blog a handful of people read.

Is it boring? Yes and no. Doing dishes and laundry every day, over and over, in piles that never seem to go away… boring. Feeding the same 3 rotations of lunches to my picky 3 1/2 year old… boring. Doing a similar routine everyday… boring. But I don’t ever doubt that it is completely within God’s will for me to be doing this.

Could I make a major impact on the world if I picked up my family, moved to Africa and spent my days serving the needy? Absolutely. But I am spending my days making a difference in the lives of 2 precious little girls. How better can I serve God than to raise up children who know Him and live to serve Him? I simply don’t trust anyone else to do that job, and that is why I made the choice to stay home.

So, I know in my head I am overreacting to a small comment in an otherwise good sermon. I am just so tired of feeling devalued for being “just a mom.” I wear that title as proudly as any CEO wears theirs’ and I wouldn’t change where I am for anything. I just hoped that in a community of Christians that decision would be celebrated and today I felt like it wasn’t. I am hoping to write a intelligent, un-PMS laden (yes, that isn’t helping) email to our pastor and let him know my feelings. Then I will climb down off my soapbox and re-enter the world of “comfort” and “boredom” I am accustomed to. OK, I am climbing down for real.


6 Responses to “Ranting and Raving”

  1. Georgia Mom Says:

    Preach it sister! I didn’t hear the sermon and I would imagine he wasn’t preaching on the value of working Mothers, but if that’s what you got out of it then it’s a valid “soap box” to perch yourself on.

    I’ve been a SAHM for 8+ years now. And I would say the first 5 years were harder than the last 3. You are in a season of your life right now. Personally, I believe there is no higher calling than to devote those few precious years of your life to raising your children. Yes, there are those called to ministry while their children are young, but that’s not everyone’s calling.

    There was a time when I felt called into full time Christian ministry. But, then I met my husband and knew the Lord had called me to marry him. I have not regretted one minute of that decision, but he didn’t feel called into ministry. I struggled with that for a long time until I realized how the Lord could still use us, even if we weren’t in Africa!

    And I personally feel like we are raising a generation of Christians that will have to defend their faith, in America, like no other generation before them. I certainly wouldn’t leave that teaching up to someone else (if you don’t remember I homeschool as well). So, we do have a purpose and there are many ways to do something amazing for the Lord, right in your own home! And in about 2-4 more years your girls will get a little older (as mine have) and you’ll feel like you can come up to breathe. Right now, stay in the trenches and know that God will bless all you do as a Mother!!

    Georgia Mom

  2. If you feel something passionately and deeply, and can articulate your feelings articulately and with your heart in the right place (which you did), you are not overreacting!

    You are raising your daughters to become important contributors in this path of life. That is a huge responsibility!

    If you haven’t already, I encourage you to email your pastor with everything you said in this blog post. You absolutely have the right to express your thoughts!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  3. That first “articulate” should have been “express”!

  4. Candace Says:

    Amen!! I keep trying to type something articulate, but since my mind is on a permanate vacation (my kids are 4, 2 and 9 months) I’ll just leave it at amen :).

  5. Kasie Says:

    Amen! I totally agree. Being a SAHM IS a very important job. It IS a ministry. It’s hard because I think sometimes we Mommys can forget that ourselves, and then we’re attacked by a society and culture that tries to make us think differently.

  6. movingmama Says:

    I think must of us can relate to feeling less than mentally stimulated (big way to say “bored”) during our SAH time. But raising our children to have God in their lives and being their primary teachers in a very important time in their young existence, is, well, important.

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