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I’m Naming Names! July 7, 2007

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names.jpg When I started this blog, my hubby and I decided we were not going to use real names or show pictures of our kids. We are a bit freaky about internet security and our own privacy. So I have been describing my kids throughout the blog posts as nameless, faceless entities. I think it is time to give them names cause even I am getting confused. The best part is I get to use rejected names.

Before we had kids, my hubby and I picked out a boy and a girl name we both loved. The list was short and after we had our first daugther we were all tapped out in the girl department. Actually, we each had a list of names we loved, but unfortunately the other one didn’t. It wasn’t always that we didn’t like the name, there was just always some objection. Sometimes we didn’t like the way it sounded with our last name. Sometimes we didn’t like a possible nickname. Sometimes it reminded us of someone we didn’t like.

So for my blog, I am going to use the top 2 names my hubby and I couldn’t agree on. I held out almost to my second daughter’s birth hoping my hubby would change his mind and fall in love with the girl’s name I loved, but he didn’t. I think he was hoping the same, but I didn’t. Now, I am happy they will get to live in the blogosphere as my “fake” children.

So without further ado….(drumroll please), I would like to introduce my children: Lily 3 1/2 and Hannah 1. I am not going back to fix old posts, but I will update my “About” page and will be referring to them by their proper (albeit fake) names. Hubby will retain the name hubby unless he tells me he wants another name (Max Power perhaps?)


2 Responses to “I’m Naming Names!”

  1. Hey, thanks for your congrats on I will add you to the list of blogs I read.

  2. I’m fascinated with baby names, and blog about them frequently! In fact, not long ago I blogged about the top baby names in Britain. (They’re Jack and Olivia).

    Both Lily and Hannah are lovely names!

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