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Time Marches On July 7, 2007

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bbq.jpg Today we had a BBQ with a big group of friends. My husband has had the same group of friends since high school. Actually, some of them date back to elementary school. Most of them went to college together too. The wives have been gradually added since then. Now kids are entering the mix.

One of his friends got married this weekend. There are only 2 guys left to get married and one of them is already engaged. It is so cool to watch this group evolve and still remain great friends. I don’t have friends from way back. I tend to be bad at keeping in touch so I have pretty much lost track of people at each stage of life (high school, college, etc.).

I am a bit envious of the depth of friendship that exists among the guys in my hubby’s group. They tell story after story that they all shared in. I have heard the stories so many times I feel like they are starting to be my stories. In fact, one time I started telling one of my hubby’s stories as my own and he had to remind me halfway through that it happened to him, not me.

At one point in the BBQ, I looked around at all these guys and their wives (most of whom were not part of the “group” before marriage…we are friend-in-laws) and watched our kids playing together on the swing set. It was such an amazing scene of how time changes so many things, but some things are forever binding. We don’t see many of these people but once a year at a wedding, but when we get together there is still so much love and it is as if no time has passed. Except for the grey hair, belly fat, kids and inability to stay up past 11 pm.


One Response to “Time Marches On”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Those friends may end up being some of your best friends for life! At our 4th celebration we had friends that I have known for 25 years. The history we share is so special and unique.
    Ha! Love that last line. No comment – ha!

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