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Why Aren’t More Christians Funny? July 9, 2007

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laughing.jpg  I came across this post today and decided I would definitely sit next to this woman in heaven. Anyone who calls themselves Christian and smart ass is totally someone I want to be friends with. Why is it many Christians seem to think the eleventh commandment is “Thou shall not have a sense of humor?” To me there is tons of evidence that God has a great sense of humor: farting, curling as an olympic sport, the platypus, the fact that men have nipples (why?) and this.

I have been so excited to come across so many Christian women in the blogosphere who are so freakin’ funny. I have found some kindred spirits who think its ok to laugh at ourselves, at others (with them, not at them) and even bust out laughing at an inappropriate moment in church. My husband and I both have warped senses of humor and are both created fully in God’s image.

I will leave you with a very important scripture that I believe points to the fact that Christians ought to have a sense of humor.

Then Abraham spoke again. “Since I have begun, let me go on and speak further to my Lord, even though I am but[t] dust and ashes. (Gen. 18:27)- Ok, that was for my mom. It makes her giggle everytime.


4 Responses to “Why Aren’t More Christians Funny?”

  1. Briggie Says:

    I think too many christians are afraid to let their funny side out because they think it will get them into trouble with the big guy! I don’t think this dilemma (spellcheck please) is limited to Christians though, I think it’s a universal problem. I know that when I became born again I thought I had to change who I was, toss out all my VC Andrews books, my comic books, most of my VHS (no I wasn’t 12 when I accepted the Lord, I was actually 24.) Then one day I woke up and felt the the Lord was telling me He liked who I was and my sense of humor (no matter how twisted and out there) it wasn’t going to change His view or love for me. He doesn’t make mistakes and since He made me, I guess I’m okay! I’ve spent years sad and depressed and I’ll tell ya, one day of laughter has more power and impact on you than months of sadness. I compare it to being in labor – once you give birth you are so focused on the new life in your hands, you forget about the time you spent in pain. Well, take care, God bless and if for some reason you can’t find a fellow christian smart ass when you get to heaven check out the comedy club located in the inner court – I’ll save you a seat!!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Yea! Funny Christian Smart-asses unite! Please save me a seat at that comedy club!

  3. canearl Says:

    I agree with you. I like your blog so much because you are so funny. I agree with Briggie- God made us who we are and I think that he wants us to have a sense of humor and enjoy life.

    That dog you linked to was the ugliest thing I have ever seen! Scared me a little :).

  4. marquita Says:

    Butt Dust. I never knew that, but will now, forever!!

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