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This Is What I Get For Exercising July 10, 2007

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lice.jpg I worked out this morning for the first time in a couple of weeks. Let me set up this story by stating that I loathe all forms of exercise. I do it because I have to in order to maintain this killer bod (dripping with sarcasm). Really, I do it to be healthy. Anyway, I have been too lazy haven’t been able to go until today.

My gym has an awesome day care that I leave my kids in while I work out. When I check my email later in the day this is the email that awaits me.

We have regrettably uncovered a case of active head lice in our daycare facility. If your child has utilized our facility in the past 48 hours, please examine your kids closely for any signs of lice. We apologize for any inconviences and appreciate your patience in this matter.

Remember how I said God has a sense of humor?


One Response to “This Is What I Get For Exercising”

  1. Char Says:

    OH NO! That so stinks, I hope that the girls don’t have lice….you better check them for at least a few days. I know all about “not being able to go to the gym”, I haven’t used my YMCA membership in months. I REALLY need to get back into it before I gain more weight with the winter blahs.

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