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Things I Love- Fiber One Bars July 11, 2007

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fiberone.jpg Continuing the theme of all things fiber, this weeks product I love is Fiber One bars. These things are crazy yummy and have 9 grams of fiber per bar. 9 grams is a lot for a little bar (35% of your daily fiber in fact). They also only have only 140 calories and are low in fat. Also they are endorsed by Bob Greene (aka Oprah’s trainer) so that adds a significant “cool” factor. Why can’t I get away from Oprah this week???

Now for the bad…they do contain high fructose corn syrup which is a big no-no in our house. We turn a blind eye to that when it comes to these bars cause we love them sooo much. Still, General Mills, if you are reading this, get rid of that stuff. Also if you are reading, please send me cartons of these things for free!

Finally, continuing with our theme of too much information about my bodily functions, these babies give you some bad gas. To be fair, when you increase fiber in your diet that is usually an unwelcome side effect (unwelcome to me…the hubby and Lily think anything gas-related is a plus). However, when you lose 20 pounds from all the extra fiber in your diet, people will be to busy envying your killer bod to0 notice the stench.


7 Responses to “Things I Love- Fiber One Bars”

  1. Elaine Says:

    too funny!!! you’ve (almost) convinced me to give these a try.

  2. Georgia Mom Says:

    I’m laughing out loud right now! As soon as I saw the picture on your post my first thought was “those things give you gas!”.

    When my sister was here in the spring, she bought a box and said how much she loved them (and they are delicious). So, she, my husband and I start eating them. My sister is stick thin and has always been gasie (I’m sure would love to know I shared that information), so that fact that she was bloated and making our lives miserable was not surprising. But, when hubs and I started not feeling good we traced it back to the Fiber One bars. So, we stay away from them! If they come out with a “non-gas” version we’ll buy them again!

    Georgia Mom

  3. Candace Says:

    I might have to give these things a try. Question though- when your body starts getting use to all of the extra fiber – you should be getting- does the gas thing go away?

  4. adventuremom Says:

    I have to agree. These bar rock! I love the peanut butter ones. They don’t sell those in bulk at Sam’s Club though so I have to wait for a sale.

  5. Emily Says:

    I am in love with those things! In fact, I’m eating one right now.

    I’m on the fiber bandwagon too… here’s to hoping those 20 pounds fall off!

  6. Jamie Says:

    I have found these, too. They are yummers!!!

  7. Laurie Says:

    These taste GREAT but the gas is hard to get used to. I wouldn’t suggest eating them at work, or before date.

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