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I’m a Little Bit Speechless July 13, 2007

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airplane.jpg Those who know me, know that doesn’t happen very often. However when I read this story about a woman and her toddler who were kicked off a flight I was in a bit in shock. I live in fear of traveling with Lily on a plane with this flight attendant. Lily is a bit like the girl in this commercial (go to the bottom of the link and click on the little girl icon). I would Benadryl her, but I have had a few friends try it before flights and it has been kind of an upper. If there is one thing my kids don’t need it is more energy.

Until I get a more satisfactory answer from Continental airlines than, “We are investigating…” I won’t be flying their airline. Feel free to join me in my boycott. This is really cutting into my jet setting around the world that I had lined up for the fall, but I am just going to have to find another airline to do it on.  

So I am willing to give people the benefit of the doubt and believe that maybe this flight attendant was having a really bad day, but is any other mom out there tired of being shot the evil eye when you and your kids are having a bad day (I know you all have them, I read your blogs). If I believed in karma, (which I totally don’t) I would think this flight attendant will immediately be struck blessed with a couple of sets of triplets. Really, really naughty triplets that require lots of cross country flights.


6 Responses to “I’m a Little Bit Speechless”

  1. Awesome Mom Says:

    That does seem a bit harsh. I could see my boys repeating a phrase over and over. My son Evan is constantly asking about people that he has seen recently and it is even wearing me down. I wonder though why the little boy was not easily distracted from the phrase by a toy or something like that.

  2. Char Says:

    I too live in fear of flying with C, as I don’t know how she’d do….she’d either love it or scream through the entire take off process. You’ve gotta wonder though if this woman even has children, even when I am out with out mine…..and I see other people’s children misbehaving I kind of chuckle and say “been there done that” to the mom. It’s all about reassurance that we all understand as women & mom’s, not about snottiness and non-understanding. I know all about that comercial too… mom’s even made the comment about my little C being the same way.

  3. Overwhelmed! Says:

    My husband read this story too me and we were both shocked and appalled at the horrible way this mother was treated! I’m sorry, but it didn’t sound to me like this child was anywhere near out of control enough to justify kicking them off the plane!

    We’ve both said we won’t be flying Continential until this issue gets resolved!

  4. georgiamom Says:

    This happened near my town, so it’s been all over the local news. It’s a crazy story, that would have made me furious! They even said that several of the passengers came to the Mom’s defense. So clearly the flight attendant was in the wrong. I agree with you about the triplets!

    Georgia Mom

  5. Jenny Says:

    Wow! Un-beee-lievable! And frightening. I will go to the Lord in prayer for this woman, that she might receive the blessing of motherhood in triplicate posty hasty!

  6. I heard, though, that when she was interviewed on TV, they had to remove the kid from the set for being too loud and wild. Don’t know if this is true, but it would be telling.

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