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Lots of Free Dairy July 18, 2007

Filed under: Contest — thediaperdiaries @ 10:11 pm

horizondhamilk.jpg 5 Minutes for Mom has a contest going giving away $300 worth of products from Horizon Organics. I am really excited about this contest because we make every possible effort to give our girls only organic dairy products. Most dairy products contain hormones used to increase milk production in cows. These hormones are what are responsible for the early onset of puberty that is happening in girls.

I am not sure which will be worse for our girls: hormones in their dairy products now that cause them to start their period at age 10 or being the total late bloomer surrounded by girls who all got boobs in the 4th grade. With my genes, they probably won’t get boobs anyway so we are going the hormone-free route. If this appeals to you too, head on over to the contest and enter.


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