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Thing I Love- The Week July 18, 2007

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the-week.jpg No, I don’t love Bill and Hillary (no offensive if you do…we can still be friends), but I love this magazine. I actually can’t even gush enough about how deep my love for this magazine is. And as previously stated many times, I love a lot of magazines.

The Week is a brilliant weekly magazine that basically takes all of the national and international news stories from various sources and boils it down into mini digest. The result is that you get a quick snapshot of what is going on in the world from a relatively unbiased perspective. The reason it is unbiased is that each article gives you perspectives from the most liberal to the most conservative and everything in between.

For me the best thing is it doesn’t just cover hard core news. I also get caught up on Hollywood gossip, what movies, music and TV to check out, healthcare, food, travel, real estate and more. Seriously, I get so excited every Monday when I find it in my mailbox and the hubby and I usually fight over who gets to read it. I usually win and then it disappears into it’s regular home (on top of the hubby’s toilet…it makes for excellent bathroom reading).

So, here is the real reason I love this magazine. Don’t you find as a mom that you have forgotten how to carry on a conversation about something besides the merits of Dora vs. Diego. I sometimes feel like I am so out of touch with the “real world” that I will get stuck at a dinner party and think Hamas is a dip made out of chickpeas. Thanks to the week, I can carry on a somewhat intelligent conversation about the what is going on in the world and impress all around me with my witty reparte about how hot Fred Thompson’s wife is. To me that kind of knowledge is well worth the subscription price.


3 Responses to “Thing I Love- The Week”

  1. bigbinder Says:

    I love this magazine too!! I agree that it offers a good perspective. There is so much packed into those pages though that it takes me longer than a week to read it. Good stuff though.

  2. screwloose Says:

    Did you know that “Readers Digest” started out as this exact type of magazine — pulling the week’s stories and compiling and condensing them into a magazine . . .

  3. adventuremom Says:

    This magazine sounds so interesting. I may have to pick me up a copy.

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