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The House on Seventh Street July 20, 2007

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childhoodhome.jpg Owlhaven is hosting a carnival today called My Childhood Home. I love this chance to reminisce.

I grew up in basically 2 homes. One on seventh street until I was in 5th grade, and one on Jerome street until I left home. Let me just say that when my parents sold the house on Jerome street I sat on the front steps after everything had been moved out and bawled like a baby. I loved that house and still am a bit bitter that they sold it. Oddly though, when I think of my childhood home, I think of the house on seventh street because that’s where I was when I was truly a child (I guess 5th grade is all grown up :))

Here are my memories of that house:

  1. It had a front porch with a porch swing. I love my current house, but before I die I must own a house with a porch swing. Anyway it also had this railing around it with slats the perfect size to get knees and elbows stuck in. There wasn’t a kid in our neighborhood that didn’t have to get something unstuck by my mom using a stick of butter to dislodge the affected appendage.
  2. My room was in the basement. At one point my brother and I shared this really big room that my parents wisely separated with a really large set of shelves. I distinctly remember pushing those shelves over onto my brother’s bed in a moment of frustrations. Oh yeah, he was in it. I think my parents quickly rethought that wisdom.
  3. Next, my parents took over the big room and put me in the small room off theirs. It was really weird cause I had to walk through their room to get to mine. Still, my mom decked out this room to make it special for me. The best part was that the whole basement had suspended ceilings that were perfect for tacking posters to. So I went to bed every night staring up at Ralph Macchio and Kirk Cameron.
  4. My brother had a sweet race car bed. He also used to collect large branches from the yard to hide next to his bed in case of a surprise attack by an intruder.
  5. We had these 2 huge pine trees in our backyard that my brother and I used to scale. We would come down covered in sap.
  6. We had a sandbox in the backyard that we would make elaborate tunnels in for our hamsters to climb through. Saddly, one hamster met it’s untimely death this way after a run in with a wasp.
  7. We had all sorts of things growing in the back yard. We had a apple tree, a pussywillow, rhubarb, cherry tomatoes and all the usual garden fare in the garden. What I remember most are the rows of corn. I remember hiding in them and getting lost, but my mom informs me there were 2 rows with about 6 stalks in each. Isn’t that weird how your memories from childhood seem much grander than reality?

There are so many more, but if you aren’t a member of my family you are probably bored already. What I remember most is that it was a neighborhood filled with kids and it was a time where we could play hard without any worries. We played in front yards, rode our bikes up and down the streets and ran in and out of each other’s houses without invitation. Man, I miss those times.


8 Responses to “The House on Seventh Street”

  1. Kirk Cameron was all over my room too lol. He was HOT!!! Sounds like you had a great place to grow up!

  2. Candace Says:

    I loved Kirk Cameron too! Your neighborhood sounds just like mine. I’m amazed that we could ride our bikes all over the place and walk to the Baskin Robbins 1 mile from our home and my parents didn’t have to worry. It makes me sad that my kids won’t have the carefree childhood that I had.

  3. Adam Says:

    I remember the swing grandpa made in the backyard, the birthday parties we had out back and the hampsters that always got out of their cages. We always seemed to find them hiding under the piano.

  4. Beth Says:

    I had a great day at the circus only to come home and find that my new hamster, Blackie, had knawed his own running wheel down to a nub. He sadly did not make it through the night. Poor Blackie 😦

    I enjoyed your Blog. Especially the part about how you remember things being so much bigger when you were little.

  5. Those are great memories! I love all the stuff you did to your brother. My brother was older than me and he did that kind of stuff to my sister and me. 🙂

  6. Rebekah Says:

    I love front porch swings. I have a porch but desparately need to get my swing up

  7. Owlhaven Says:

    Oh,I want a porch swing someday too!!!


  8. My aunt had a porch swing and we were forever getting in trouble for swinging in it so hard that it banged the house. 😉

    Loved you “home” memories. Wasn’t bored at all.

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