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Jeans and Bras That Fit! (alternately titled my sad looking body post kids) July 22, 2007

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bra.jpg Any of you ladies who have popped out a baby or 2 know that a lot of things freakishly change after having kids, your body being a major one. For me the areas most affected are the tatas and the tummy. That’s why I was delighted to read over at Holy Mama! about a website devoted to finding you jeans and bras that actually fit.

At Zafu you enter a bunch of stuff about your body and how stuff typically fits you and they spit out a list of products that will highlight the good (a pretty good tush and semi-perky tatas) and downplay the bad (a muffin-top and severe lack of cleavage).

My favorite part is that their results are in nearly every price range and you can narrow your results by your preferred price range. This rocks, since whenever Oprah or a fashion magazine talks about the best jeans and bras for various body types they are always ridiculously expensive. Call me crazy, but if I can afford $200 bras and $400 jeans I can also afford botox, a boob job and some lipo-suction and can wear whatever jeans and bra I darn well please.


3 Responses to “Jeans and Bras That Fit! (alternately titled my sad looking body post kids)”

  1. HolyMama! Says:

    HA! I never thought about it quite like that. But my post-baby body is sooo grateful for zafu already. (and where else can a website actually ask you ‘how many pencils?’ and you not get offended?! love that!)

  2. Candace Says:

    That is so cool- thanks for sharing! I was relieved that I didn’t have to break out the tape measure and type in measurements to get my jean styles.

  3. adventuremom Says:

    What a great website. I totally am going to try out some new girl holders.

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