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NEW- Music Monday July 22, 2007

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record.jpg I have been inspired by BooMama’s obessesion love of Monk & Neagle to start a new weekly post called (drumroll, please) Music Mondays (oh so very inventive). Most of the music I pass on to you will be Christian in nature cause that is mainly what we listen to around here, but occasionally if something else inspires me, I will pass it on too.

My goal here is to expose some really great Christian music that may not be in the mainstream. I had grown very frustrated with the Christian music scene because everything was sounding alike and it didn’t represent my taste in music. Now there are so many great artists out there that tuning into Christian music is nearly like listening to secular radio except I don’t have to worry about what my girls are hearing and I get to be uplifted at the same time. That being said, these are just artists who inspire me and my taste may not be everyones (Courtney).

This brings me to my first highlighted artist. She gets to be first because she was so instrumental in bringing me back to God after a period of spiritual drift. I was flipping through radio stations about 8 years ago and came across this song and immediately loved it. I didn’t even realize right away that I had landed on a Christian station. After hearing one song, I literally stopped at a the next Christian music store I could find and bought it. I was not disappointed.

Jennifer Knapp’s Kansas is one of the most powerful CD’s I have ever listened to. I think she writes amazingly raw lyrics and is so relatable in her honest struggles with God. Her music has kind of a rock and folk feel. I would liken her music to Sarah McLaughlin, but with more of a rock, guitar feel (OK, so a music critic I am not). My personal favorites on this album is Martyrs and Thieves and Hold Me. Sadly, Knapp has fallen off the radar of the Christian music scene, but I think this album is a great find. Check out Undo Me below.


9 Responses to “NEW- Music Monday”

  1. Supermom Says:

    Love, Love, LOVE that Jennifer Knapp CD. I cannot sing along with “Hold Me Now” without bawling.

  2. cle2k5 Says:

    im don’t know anything about christian music but interesting post

  3. j2andn2 Says:

    Oh my goodness. I totally agree! This cd from her is my absolute favorite of all music! I am sad that she is not producing anymore. And I would love any suggestions you have on other christian musicians that sound similar to her.
    Great idea, by the way, for these posts.

  4. bigbinder Says:

    I am really looking forward to Music Mondays. I got sick of Christian music for the same reason; it all sounded exactly alike. I just kept thinking, a JOYFUL noise guys, JOYFUL, not pre-fabbed. Great idea!

  5. dan scott Says:

    yeah. great album… I’m a huge Jennifer Knapp fan – even seen her 3 times. and her recent live album has some great moments on it. “light of the world” off The Way I Am is one of my favorite songs ever.

    btw, fun mom-blog. Glad I found it on the bottom of one’s of my Jenna’s e-mails.

  6. Mrs. H Says:

    LOVE this CD! I wiiiissssshhhhh (catch the whine there?) she would get back into music and give us some new music! I have three of her cd’s, but love Kansas the best.

  7. bob Says:

    Hmmm, it’s interesting to read how listening to a Christian song was instrumental (no pun intended) in leading you back to your Christian roots. That is just fantastic! God bless Christian music!!

  8. Chris Reeder Says:

    I love Jennifer Knapp! She has such a great sound.

    Great minds think alike! I started a Music Monday about a month ago. I will have to subscribe to your feed to see you music mondays.

    You can check mine out here:

  9. Zooomabooma Says:

    I didn’t grow up a Christian and since accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior of my life, I haven’t been able to toss aside all that other music I used to listen to. I can still enjoy it musically. The mind with Christ as #1 is a wonderful filter for anything objectionable, able to separate anything bad, same with Rated R movies … and while I still listen to tons of music from that old life, I love Christian music and want to listen to to MORE of it … problem is there’s such a small amount of it (that’s good) compared to everything else! UGH!!!!!

    In any case, it’s amazing what’s become of Jennifer Knapp (no one really know but then again she’s a private person but since she became a public figure, many people can’t help but wonder!)

    Lookin’ forward to more posts like this!

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