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Green Beans and Monkfish July 23, 2007

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green-beans.jpg Dinner tonight was like eating in Bizarro world. You know, like that Seinfeld episode where Elaine meets the exact opposite of her friends. Some things about tonight’s dinner consisted of the usual- a parent pleading for someone to try a new food, a child wanting more and more helpings of what was served.

The odd thing was the parent pleading was the hubby and the person he was pleading to was me. You see, I do not like to eat anything out of the ocean. However, in the spirit of healthy eating I have been trying to work fish into the families diet. I find a recipe, cook it up, put in on the plate and then freak out. So tonight the hubby is saying things like, “Just try it.” “Take just one bite.” “Stop eating everything else on your plate and try the fish.” Sadly, even Lily was getting in on it agreeing to try a bite with me. This is pathetic. Footnote: I did try it and it was yummy. Tasted like chicken.

While my inner turmoil over fish was going on, my super picky eater Lily was asking for more helpings of green beans. She did this three times. I cannot even begin to explain what a modern miracle has occured. The third time she did it, I almost saw the skies part and angels begin to sing. Hannah is usually the one who can eat without ceasing. The worst part is, Lily ate all her green beans and her weird fish without blinking an eye.

So Lily and I had major food accomplishments tonight, but I a little freaked out by the whole meal and am hoping tomorrow we can go back to the usual. That would be me eating my chicken without complaint and Lily complaining that her chicken wasn’t in nugget form and that she doesn’t like green stuff. Order will have been restored.


5 Responses to “Green Beans and Monkfish”

  1. Awesome Mom Says:

    I am not a huge fish fan either but what creeps me out the most is any food with an exoskeleton (like lobster).

  2. georgiamom Says:

    I love to eat anything that swims or has at one point lived in the ocean. I’ve yet to meet a fish including the shell kind, that I didn’t love. I even love oysters on the half shell, YUM! I have to say I’m not sure I’ve eaten monkfish, but I’m sure I’d love it! I’m proud of you for branching out and trying something new. Your daughter obviously learned a good lesson from her Mommy last night. Maybe this has opened a whole new world for all of you!
    Georgia Mom

  3. goodideamomma Says:

    I’ll have to get this recipe as I too am looking for ways to add fish to our meals. I typically have to garlic-it to death before I will eat it. Besides, what is a monkfish? You can imagine my images as we just visited the zoo today.

  4. adventuremom Says:


  5. summershine Says:

    Ha! I am the same way. Fish I’ve brought myself to eat so far and liked:

    I HATE shrimp, hate just the very smell of it. I like to re-try foods I dislike every now and again to see if I’ve changed my mind, but shrimp, oh, I’ll never change my mind on that one.

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