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Who Me?? August 31, 2007

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nicematters.jpg Georgia Mom has been kind enough to reward me with the Nice Matters Award. How nice is that? She has been one of my earliest and most faithful readers and for that I thank her.

The Nice Matters Award is given to “those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you’ve been awarded please pass it on to others who you feel are deserving of this award.”

I think I can safely say this is the first time I have been given award for being “nice.” Thank God I am fooling you all.

Now, the passing on…I have lots of real life “blogging friends” so I would like to pass the award on to one of them. Look Mom Look! deserves this award because her blog is truly trying to make the world a better place with her “green” tips. She also held my hand when I got my nose pierced and sends her readers over to my blog. Seriously, what is nicer than that?

The second person I would like to pass this award on to is one of my virtual friends, Mommin It Up! I think they are nice because they regularly comment on my blog and really what is nicer than that. Also Jenny is about to turn the big 3-0 and I figure this will make up for the fact that I am not sending her that cake she asked for.

Ladies, enjoy basking in the glow of your reward. Thanks again Georgia Mom!


Frugal Fridays- Track Your Money August 30, 2007

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frugalfridays.jpg Trying to create a budget, but can’t figure out why you are so off track every month? Could be because your budget isn’t right for you. Many people just blindly create a budget based on some formula they encountered or template they found. Truthfully though, a budget will never work for you if you don’t spend some time finding out where your money is going.

When I met my hubby, we were both on very different “money pages.” If it was in my checking account, I was spending it. He was managing his money down to the penny with an elaborate spreadsheet and envelope system. I am pretty sure he was petrified to merge our finances. We began to look at how I was spending money and I was spending up to $500 a month on clothes. Man, I miss those days…I looked really good!

Needless to say, I needed to track where my money was going a bit better. Enter Microsoft Money. Most computers today are equipped with Money or Quicken and they make tracking money ridiculously easy. You enter your transactions either off receipts, your bank’s website, or chicken scratched scraps of paper (probably not the best way). You can create categories so you know exactly where you are spending. You can even make graphs and charts!! Then you can use Money to help you create a budget with their budgeting tools or create your own based on the categories you use most.

Only once you know where you are spending (and overspending) you can more realistically set a budget and stick to it. I would recommend tracking for around 4-6 weeks to get the most accurate picture.

For more frugal tips, check out Biblical Womanhood.


Thing I Love- Lysol Disinfecting Wipes August 29, 2007

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lysolwipes.jpg I am just going to say right off the bat, that I am well aware this is not going to be the “greenest” of posts. However sometimes, the environment must take a small hit so that our home environment isn’t a disgusting pigsty. I realize it is incredibly selfish and disappointing to Leo and Al, but it is just where I am at in my cleaning practices.

With that out of the way, let me proclaim my love for these wipes. I have them in every bathroom and under the kitchen sink. I use it for quick wipedowns in between major cleanings (which sometimes sadly are few and far between). One wipe covers a fairly large surface area and my counters are respectable again in no time.

I use them nightly in the kitchen to tackle the counters and table. It is truly amazing one does the job considering Hannah’s knack for smearing the contents of her meals around every surface she can find. In the bathroom, they are mainly used to correct Lily’s aim when spitting out her toothpaste. In her defense, even with a stool she really can’t reach the sink (and you thought aiming problems were only for boys).

This does not, I repeat does not, replace actual deep cleaning of your house. It does however ease the mommy guilt when you realize you can’t remember the last time you touched the Softscrub. Not that that has ever happened around here.


Works for Me Wednesday- Shower gifts August 28, 2007

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wfmwheader_163.jpg So I am a firm believer in registries. I think if people have taken the time to walk through a store for an hour with an electronic gun after hours of research to decide what fork fits best in their hand, I should honor that process and not buy them some crystal vase that I happen to think is pretty. Having been married and receiving more crystal vases than I care to remember, it is also not fun to be a new bride running all over town returning gifts from your “creative” (better known as those with bad taste) friends and relatives. Again, if you are a friend or relative of mine who gave me a crystal vase for a wedding present, I love it and use it to hold the flowers that my hubby lavishes upon me on a daily basis.

 However there is something decidedly un-fun about wrapping up a set of steak knives to give to someone at their wedding shower. So I like to have fun with their wedding registry. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Make a basket filled with measuring cups, spoons, a cookie sheet, brownie mix and a recipe for killer chocolate chip cookies.
  2. Give them some of their towels from their towel set along with some pricey bath products they would never buy themselves.
  3. Get them their margarita glasses with some drink mix and a gift certificate to a local Mexican restaurant.
  4. Or try a grilling tool set with a gourmet BBQ sauce and a homemade meat rub.

Your gift will be the hit of the shower and a will be a welcome relief for the bride who has spent the last hour faking a smile while saying, “Ooh, stemware!”

For more Works for Me Wednesday ideas, check out Rocks in My Dryer.


One More Reason to Avoid the Gym

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thong1.jpg  So I have recently blogged about my love-hate relationship with the gym. Lily has now taken it upon herself to make sure we are not welcome back.

Today we went to the outdoor pool at my gym to soak up some of the last swim days of the summer. After a swim, I managed to shower off both girls and get them dressed with minimal drama (which is a major feat in itself).

As we were packing up, the instructor from the pilates class I take from time to time begins to change clothes next to us. I am not paying much attention until Lily exclaims,

“Mommy, that lady put on her panties backwards.”

Apparently, Lily has never seen a thong before.


The Other Woman in my Bed August 27, 2007

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bed.jpg When I was 7 months pregant with Hannah, I began to have a lot of trouble sleeping. I had a rotator cuff impingement in my right shoulder, sciatic pain in my left hip, couldn’t sleep on my stomach (cause it was huge) and couldn’t sleep on my back (cause of my huge stomach). You see my dilemma.

So I went out an bought a body pillow. I snuggled it for a few nights and it provided some mild relief. Soon however I noticed my body pillow was being taken over a bit. Gradually, it stopped becoming my body pillow and became property of the hubby. In his defense, I am not sure it was really doing much for me. I began to feel like there just wasn’t enough room for my large preggo self, the hubby and a huge person sized pillow.

I lobbied for her to leave. The hubby protested. I briefly won the battle because lets face it, I was about to deliver a large human being and endure incredible amounts of pain and it was largely the his fault. Post baby, while I was all sleepy and distracted, she came back and has just never left. Sometimes, she nudges me to the farthest corner of the bed as she sprawls out right smack dab in the middle of the bed. Do you think she is trying to get rid of me so she can have the hubby all to herself?

I really hate that pillow.


Carnival of Family Life

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cofl.jpg I am participating this week in the Carnival of Family Life. It is being hosted over at Sandier Pastures. She did a beautiful job as hostess so go check out some of the fun entries. Also, if you are interested in participating in a future carnival check out An Island Life for info.