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Things I Love Thursday- Spray Suntan Lotion August 2, 2007

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suntan.jpg  I admit it, I tend to be a bit lax with the sunscreen in the summer. I mean, when we are headed to the pool, I really lather them up, but for the generic time spent outdoors in the summer, I would get a C+ at best. I know this is horrible, don’t leave me comments making me feel guilty.

That is why I love suntan lotion that goes on as a spray. It is quick and easy to apply. For those who think it is too hard to get even coverage, Coppertone has just released a new spray lotion that goes on white so you can see where it goes. I usually just buy whatever is on sale and then spray it on thick so there is no doubt as to where it is. I usually bring a long a small tube of regular lotion for faces and ears.

For more tips on good sun habits check out The Estrogen Files and her Works for Me Wednesday post.

P.S. Sorry for the late post, the computer has been giving me trouble all day. So today is more like Things I Love Thursday evening.


2 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday- Spray Suntan Lotion”

  1. georgiamom Says:

    I love spray on sunscreen as well! Where has this stuff been all my life!!! My kids love it too! I also use something else for the face and ears. Good Stuff!!

  2. Candace Says:

    Thanks for the tip. After the sunscreen lotion incident in our house I need to buy some more :).

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