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Music Monday- Toby Mac August 5, 2007

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record1.jpg We are taking a major turn away from the girly singers I have been highlighting. I have a long list of more so if that is the kind of music you like stay tuned. However this week we are venturing into the world of hip-hop (cause I am very urban and have lots of street cred).

Toby Mac is extremely innovative and unlike any other Christian artist I have heard. He is always pushing the boundaries of Christian music which I love. His sound is really difficult to pin down cause a lot of his songs have very different feels, but they always lean towards and urban, hip-hop feel.

 I like him because Lily always gravitates toward that kind of music on the radio and most of it isn’t fit for her little ears. One day the song Catchafireby Toby Mac came on the local Christian radio station and she loved it. She constantly asks me to play the “Whoopsi-Daisy song.” We love to dance around our living room to it. You can hear a clip of it on his website. Otherwise, check out the video for the song Irene.


6 Responses to “Music Monday- Toby Mac”

  1. Chris Reeder Says:

    Toby Mac puts on a great live show too! I gotta get his new CD!!!

  2. boomama Says:

    We are REGULARLY rocking out to TobyMac in the car now…I feel so young and with it. 🙂

  3. georgiamom Says:

    Toby Rocks! :o) Hubby and I saw him live in concert a few years ago and it was proably the best LIVE show we’ve been to in a decade! My girls love Catchafire and MayMay sleeps in a Whoopsie-Daisy T-shirt we got her from the concert. We can get down with our bad selves with some Toby Mac (did you notice the complete removal of gansta talk?)

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Not to make you feel bad or anything, but we also just saw him live at Creation. He was my 16 yo’s favorite. You are right on about his innovation; he also is collaborative in a huge way, which always makes me think he’ll be a worship leader in heaven. If it works that way. 😉

  5. This is great! A lot of my blogging friends have been sharing music recommendations lately. Would you consider making Music Monday a carnival?

  6. Christy Says:

    I love Toby Mac. In fact, I have the Made to Love song on my ipod.

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