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Music Monday- Jon McLaughlin August 12, 2007

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record1.jpg I was working out (sadly way too long ago) on the treadmill at the gym and watching VH1 for some musical inspiration while sweating. A video came on that immediately captivated me and honestly brought tears to my eyes. Shortly after, the local Christian radio station played the same song and I came home to do a search on the artist behind the music (see how I played off the VH1 reference…when you read it I hope you hear that announcers voice in your head).

The artist was Jon McLaughlin and the video was for the song “Beautiful Disaster.” I am really excited about this guy because he is a Christian jumping into the secular music scene. He music is lots of piano driven ballads influenced by Elton John, Billy Joel and Ben Folds Five. To be honest, I haven’t listened to tons of his music outside of “Beautiful Disaster,” but what I have heard, I really like.

Truth be told, I really want to highlight him to share this video with you. He wrote this song after looking at some magazines and realizing the insane standard for beauty we have in this country. I think the video does an amazing job of capturing what it is like to be a teenage girl in a beauty obsessed culture (heck, I relate as a 30 something mom). There isn’t enough money in the world to make me go back to the jr. high years of my life and relive the struggles.

The biggest reason this video impacts me so much is that I am desperately trying to raise two little girls to believe they are beautiful when most of the images they will be bombarded with in their lifetime will tell them otherwise. What I would give as a mom to keep them locked up at home through those “awkward” years so they never have to feel those horrible feelings of inadequacy and self hatred.  But I know to do that is not only unrealistic, but horribly unfair.

To spare them some of the pain I went through is only to deny them the chance to grow, discover who they are and come out on the other side knowing that their value doesn’t come from what they are on the outside, but who they are on the inside. At least that is my prayer. It sounds so simple, but I still haven’t completely figured it out at 32, and sadly can still see myself reflected back in the faces of the girls in the video.


One Response to “Music Monday- Jon McLaughlin”

  1. CoCo Says:

    What an incredible song. It breaks my heart to think that there are so many girls who never feel “pretty”. To God, everyone of them is a perfect 10. When they can feel confident in His love, their beauty can not be hidden from anyone. I feel ashamed about the times I critique the appearance of those I see. It seems we tear others apart so we can feel better about ourselves. When we look for the beauty in others, we truly see the multifaceted face of God.

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