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Invitation to my Bonfire August 14, 2007

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toy.jpg  I am hosting a bonfire to burn all toys my children own just to be safe. Then again, the toxins released in the air would probably be harmful too.

In any case, more recalls for more of my daughter’s favorite toys have been announced today. To recap they have now recalled Dora, Polly Pockets and Barbie. I fear Disney princesses are next and my children will be left to play with boxes and rocks. Or worse, I might have to be creative and come up with ways to entertain them myself. Suddenly a little lead doesn’t sound so bad.

I AM SO KIDDING! Do not report me to child services. Just go check out the latest info on recallsand stealthily throw out their toys later this evening under the veil of darkness.


4 Responses to “Invitation to my Bonfire”

  1. Kasie Says:

    It’s frustrating and scary, isn’t it? It doesn’t help that half my youngest daughter’s toys are Dora.
    I didn’t know Polly Pockets were now on the list. Great. 😦 Off to check that out now.
    Thanks for the link. 🙂

  2. I think we should all stop buying CPS (cheap plastic s**t) for our children! I’m all for supporting the economy and I know that those families in China do appreciate the US business, but seriously, enough already. On another note, I will be blogging tonight about great, safe, developmentally appropriate toy choices. I hope that these will not turn out to contain lead!

  3. Char Says:

    Thankfully we are just getting into Polly Pockets & Barbie so they aren’t recalled – yet. I’m sure in a year they’ll be recalled for some reason!

  4. lookmomlook Says:

    My kids only play with all natural sustainable wood products made by local citizens who donate all proceeds to feed starving children.
    Who am I kidding?? I can’t lie. We have tons of CPS over here.

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