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Christmas in July (well, really August) August 18, 2007

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veggie-tales.jpg  Last weekend we went to our local Family Christian bookstore for a kiddie release party of the new Veggie Tales DVD “God Made You Special.” It was cute; they got to watch the DVD, get their face painted, and the best part-every child got a prize!! When it came Lily’s turn, she picked out a Veggie Tales christmas CD. Now I love Christmas music, and I love Veggie Tales, but I am a little Feliz Navidaded out- seeing that it is only August 18th and we have listed to this non-stop for a week. This CD might “accidently” get misplaced for a while. At least until Thanksgiving when the proper season for non-stop Christmas music officially begins.


4 Responses to “Christmas in July (well, really August)”

  1. j2andn2 Says:

    Does she have a cd player in her room?

    Those are the types of cds that I tell Natalie she can listen to in her room, so I don’t go completely crazy!
    She has a little boombox thing, and it works out perfect for her (4 yrs old). So that could be a thought.

  2. Briggie Says:

    I am a HUGE Christmas fanatic but even I draw the line on songs and movies being played before November. I got my first dose or should I say overdose of holiday ho-ho-ho when I stopped by our local dollar store last month and they had an entire row of decorations on display…

    oh, and don’t ya just love veggie tales? my favorite one was about Jonah.

  3. Ohh soo funny! Was it the singing Christmas tree one? My husband HATES that one.
    Today we had a faily reunion and my son was rockin’ his Bob & Larry overalls. Woot Woot!

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