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Music Monday- Nichole Nordeman August 19, 2007

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record1.jpg If you have taken the time to read my 100 things, you may know that I have been singing in church since I was 10. In the past 5 years, most of those songs have been by Nichole Nordeman. I discovered her shortly after I began listening to Christian music again about 7 years ago and had an immediate connection. Like the other female artists I have highlighted so far, her music is really like poetry and is from a very vunerable and personal place. Sometimes, I feel like she is writing the soundtrack to my life.

Today, our pastor played on of her songs “Small Enough” to end the service. I found myself moved to tears as I often am by her music. The song “Why” leaves me sobbing nearly everytime and I have already requested that “I Am”  be sung at my funeral (not planning on going anywhere, but I want to still be ordering people around from beyond the grave). To pick one album to highlight would be absurd. Just buy them all or at the very least her greatest hits, “Recollection.”

I am leaving you with the song “Legacy” which I think perfectly sums up who I strive to be as well as why I hold the title of Mom so dear. I think the video is really wonderful, but I also hope you take the time to let the words soak in.  Enjoy!


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