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I swear I am not lazy August 27, 2007

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exercise.jpg I am convinced there is some sort of vast conspiracy to keep me from the gym. I am not sure if it is right wing, left wing, CIA, Military Industrial Complex or PETA, but I am pretty sure it is a conspiracy.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it before, but I detest exercise. You name a form of exercise and I am pretty sure I have tried it an dislike it (except curling…maybe I should try curling). Yet I try to make it to the gym a few times a week, if for no other reason than that I am paying to belong to an over-priced gym so I can use their killer outdoor pool in the summer.

Well, truth be told, I have slacked off on the gym thing this summer cause it is hard to coordinate with Hannah’s morning nap. Her nap seems to take up my whole morning. Lately however, I have been trying to cut that nap to get ready for our fall schedule when Lily’s preschool drop off and MOPS makes morning naps very difficult. So I have been hauling my butt to the gym at a fairly regular basis and was excited to hop on the scale and see a few summer BBQ pounds come back off.

Then the teething began. Molars. Midnight screaming festivals. Tired mommy, crabby baby. Both in desperate need of a morning nap. Still, I was willing to press on. Then, the late summer cold began. Hannah has been a faucet of snot and drool, going through shirts quicker than I can wash them. More sleepless nights. More tired mommy and crabby baby. Needless to say, the morning nap has been reinstated (sadly, for Hannah only) and the dreams of fitting into skinny jeans abandoned once more.

Now I know you will tell me I could still go to the gym after nap if I was truly dedicated. To that I say A) Clearly, I am not truly dedicated and B) the day care at the gym would take one look at my snotty miserable baby and close up shop. So I am home bound until those darn teeth come in. I hope you are happy, Michael V. Hayden (if you know who that is without having to google it, you win…well nothing, but I am impressed, and that my friend, is priceless)


6 Responses to “I swear I am not lazy”

  1. Well I did have to google him. Sorry to disappoint! I also abhor aerobic exercise. But I do looove Pilates. I can usually get in a couple of the 10 minute Pilates workouts a few times a week at home…I would NEVER make it to a gym!

  2. canearl Says:

    I agree on the conspiracy part- I haven’t been able to work out all summer either. I have to go when my husband gets home because my gym is a cheapie small one with no childcare. It seems like we have had something going on every night of the week lately! I’m ready for fall to come and some sort of schedule.

  3. bigbinder Says:

    I have no idea who that dude is, but you look great (that’s you in your Avitar, right?) so don’t sweat it. Don’t sweat anything – exercise is hard. Once preschool starts you’ll be back into a routine and off to pilates or whatever so it will be fine. If not, well, it’s easier to hide a lack of exercise under fall/winter clothes…

  4. cleaver mama Says:

    Amen to Big Binder and the upcoming colder weather and more clothes!!! yahhhhh. You look fantastic!

  5. lookmomlook Says:

    Just hold your Diva Mama award and remember how hot you really are.

  6. SAHMmy Says Says:

    Brownie points for you for even Belonging to a gym! I’m still pretending that running after my kiddos is all the exercise I need!

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