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Music Monday- Barlow Girl August 27, 2007

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record1.jpg Today’s artist is Barlow Girl. I discovered them after hearing “Never Alone” on the radio one day. Not only did I love the music, but I loved the honesty of the lyrics. There aren’t a lot of Christian songs tackling the question of why doesn’t God always show up when you need him.

I must admit that one of the reasons I love this band so much is for what they stand for. Here are 3 very attractive, talented, young women who are promoting purity and modesty. In the current world of “Oops I Forgot My Panties Again” pop stars, I love that my daughter might someday be able to have women like this to aspire to and look up to. Plus they are “rock star chicks” something I desperately want to be, but fall many miles short of.

Here they are singing my personal favorite song of theirs. Hope you enjoy them.



2 Responses to “Music Monday- Barlow Girl”

  1. Chris Reeder Says:

    Love them!!! These girls can Rock!!!

  2. Mrs. H Says:

    These gals are my absolute favorite!!!!

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