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One More Reason to Avoid the Gym August 28, 2007

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thong1.jpg  So I have recently blogged about my love-hate relationship with the gym. Lily has now taken it upon herself to make sure we are not welcome back.

Today we went to the outdoor pool at my gym to soak up some of the last swim days of the summer. After a swim, I managed to shower off both girls and get them dressed with minimal drama (which is a major feat in itself).

As we were packing up, the instructor from the pilates class I take from time to time begins to change clothes next to us. I am not paying much attention until Lily exclaims,

“Mommy, that lady put on her panties backwards.”

Apparently, Lily has never seen a thong before.


9 Responses to “One More Reason to Avoid the Gym”

  1. adventuremom Says:

    OMG! I am peeing my pants.

  2. Char Says:

    That’s HILARIOUS! I don’t know if I’d ever be able to take that class again.

  3. j2andn2 Says:

    That is really funny!

  4. Oh man, that is awesome!!! Hi-larious! Print out this post and place it firmly in her baby book so you remember to re-tell this grand story when she’s graduating from high school.

  5. cleaver mama Says:

    I wouldn’t expect anything less from your eldest!

  6. Summer Says:


  7. kristi Says:

    Oh, that is just priceless!

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