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One Hot Mama! September 1, 2007

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haircut.jpg It’s that time again for my monthly assault on gray hairs. First of all, can someone please enlighten me as to the difference between gray and grey?

Anywho, if I have mentioned it before, I have lots of gray hairs. Not the occasional, “oh crap, a gray hair, I must pull it.” More like. “please don’t ever let the salon run out of color or I will age into a grandma overnight.” It’s genetic from my mom’s side along with baldness and small boobs. Thanks mom!

So I must drop insane amounts of cash every month to cover up this travesty. I tried coloring my own hair for a long time, but it was beginning to look scary and a bit like…I colored my own hair.

I decided that I would also change up my look a bit and get some hair cut off. Here was my inspiration.


For those of you who don’t know me in real life, it is really shocking how much I look like this. For those of you who do, just shut your mouth.

So, I achieved my goal and love my new look. The hubby loves it and said, “If I had known how good that was going to look, I would have told you to do it a long time ago,” which I am 90% sure is a compliment.

Lily, who is a very opinionated budding fashionista said, “I’m not sure I like it very much, I liked it when your hair flipped out better.” I said, “Does mommy not look beautiful anymore?” She replied, “Kind of beautiful…but then again, kind of not.” She is nothing if not honest.


8 Responses to “One Hot Mama!”

  1. Damselfly Says:

    Hee hee, I am planning on blogging about gray hair too…. I’m sure you look exactly like Jenny McCarthy, former Playboy model. 😉 She’s always had good hair, you have to give her that. And she’s a mom.

  2. Char Says:

    I can’t wait to see the new doo later this week! I love how brutally honest children are. You know how I normally don’t wear make-up, well Clare said to me one time recently that I looked kinda funny in make-up when I was getting ready for a date night out. I think they are just used to us looking the same, and when we step out of our Mommy boxes it’s a shock to them. At least our hubby’s like us outside the Mommy box….that’s all that counts! 🙂

  3. Mrs. H Says:

    Laughing at your Lily’s comments… I just cut my hair shorter than my daughter’s ever seen it in her four years, and she had a similar reaction – “Mommy, I DON’T like it!”

  4. Linda Says:

    I cracked up as I read this. I so have to deal with gray hair too. Next time I see Jennie Mc… I will think of Ms. Diaper Diaries. 🙂

  5. So, does this mean that you’re also a blonde?

  6. lookmomlook Says:

    I can’t wait to see it! I am trying to grow mine out but I always end up going shorter anyway. I can never decide on hair!

  7. adventuremom Says:

    Ok since I am not sure when I will see you next why don’t you post a picture.

  8. What a coincidence I ALSO look exactly like Jenny McCarthy. Weird. Oh wait, no I don’t. We just have the same name. Crap.

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