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True Confessions: The Laundry Edition September 3, 2007

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laundry.jpg We have had some seriously weird laundry moments in the house this past week and I thought I would share them for your blogging enjoyment. First, you should know that we have a fabulous division of labor here in the Diaper Diaries household when it comes to laundry. The hubby washes, I fold and put away. We are both doing the part we don’t mind and avoiding the thing we loathe, so it works well.

On an interesting side note, I am not sure how many hubbies are doing the bulk of the laundry, but I always thought it was more of a woman’s job (not that you aren’t incredibly manly babe, I just think you are the exception to the rule). That being said, when I searched for clip art of laundry, most of the pictures were of men doing laundry. I find that odd, but refreshing.

  1. Why is it that my hubby (whom I adore) has a hamper disorder in which he frequently puts his clothes near, around or upon the hamper, but rarely in it? I have heard from other women that this is possibly Y-linked chromosomal disorder and I plead with the genetic researchers of our world to work on discovering a cure ASAP.
  2. You know it is time to do laundry when you happen upon your hubby coming out of the shower and proceeding to dry off with a small hooded towel for the baby.
  3. You know you do laundry far too infrequently when you finally do all the loads and you realize you have no hangers/room in your drawers for your clothes.
  4. It is always fun to fold a large pile of laundry only to get distracted away from your pile and later find your one year old carrying around a pair of your leopard print undies and snuggling it like some sort of blankie (way, way, way too much info, but sadly they are the only “racy” ones I own).
  5. Speaking of undies (please stop me) is it sad that it bothers me to no end that it is Monday, but after my daughter’s bath the only clean undies I could find were her “Thursday” days of the week undies? Since she has gone to bed, I have folded other pairs of her undies and really want to go in there and change them in her sleep.

I am highly embarassed at these confessions and I just know the hubby is going to read this and use that dreaded word he has been using since we met. “Sweety, you need to use some DISCRETION.” So, please leave a comment with your own laundry confessional so I will feel better and the hubby will realize there is something oddly theraptutic about airing all of our “dirty laundry” (so, so sorry for that; couldn’t resist)


11 Responses to “True Confessions: The Laundry Edition”

  1. Awesome Mom Says:

    I hung up the kids laundry today after ignoring it for about a week or so and realized that I barely had enough hangers. I also pondered the idea of just having two pairs of clothing for each kid and just washing them more often.

  2. canearl Says:

    One time when I hung my bras up to dry (I hang them any where I can around the house) my 2 year old daughter put her head in one of the cups and was running around (this was pre-breast reduction surgery). That should make your husband feel better- no discretion used on this comment :).

  3. funkcoaster Says:

    We too have the hanger problem around our house. One of the reasons why I’m going through closets right now, in hopes of regaining some hangers and getting rid of clothes we don’t wear or fit Clare any more. In other laundry news……this is funny, WAY too much info, but funny. The other night when we were getting ready for bed I made the comment to Brad….wow your underwear are really silky, did you decide to suprise me (because he never wears anything but cotton). He was like no, it’s just that fab new Method Laundry detergent you’ve been using! Go figure, change the laundry detergent….change the feeling of your clothes.

  4. adventuremom Says:

    It is a Y chromosome thing because my boys can’t find the hamper either.

  5. # 3 is also me!! And you also know you do it too infrequently when you pull the “extra clothes” out of the diaper bag so that your kids will have clothes to wear!

  6. Summer Says:

    My husband is the embodiment of #1. He refuses to put his clothes in the hamper if they’re still wearable, yet because they are slightly soiled he will not put them back in the dresser. So I got him his own basket for “in between” clothes. At least they’re not all over the floor anymore.

  7. SAHMmy Says Says:

    Your list is great! I may frame it to display in my laundry room. Tell your sweetheart that each of these situations has happened to me at least twice! Forget Discretion! It’s articles like these that forge the bonds of sisterhood–we’re all in this dirty laundry pile together!

  8. Sherry Says:

    Interesting that your topic is laundry. I was visiting with friends over the week-end about ironing. I assumed that most people were like me – I try to get all of my ironing done at one time – but found I was in the minority. Most use the “iron when you wear it” method. One friend even shared that her husband asked for certain shirt one day. She could not recall that shirt, so he got a photo from a couple years ago to show her – mentioning that that was probably the last time he had worn it. Then he went to the basement and found the shirt on the bottom of her ironing pile! He ironed it and wore it. Another friend uses a steamer – she never irons. What is your style for ironing?

  9. thediaperdiaries Says:

    The hubby irons!! He irons on a “iron as you wear it” method. My mom is shocked that I don’t iron his shirts for him, but he doesn’t seem to mind 🙂

  10. bigbinder Says:

    I have tried for years with no success to have my husband sort his own laundry. Reading this I realize how futile my effots have been. I actually painted “HOT” and “COLD” on white laundry baskets with “I’m Not Really A Waitress” OPI nail polish and he just throws it on the floor next to the basket.

    Yes My Child; confess, repent, and sin no more. I actually wrote down on my calendar – before I read this; must be in the air – to do a load a day (you know; the Flylady way) because I am sick of huge piles of laundry laying around waited to be folded. Plus I said a few Hail Mary’s just in case.

  11. My hubby is only home a couple of times a month, and he usually does his own laundry when he is on the road. When he is home, he does help me with laundry. He has a tendency to drop where he strips kind of thing going.

    My daughter on the other hand leaves her clothes all over the floor… Mostly in her bathroom (well, the main bathroom of the house) and her room. I keep telling her, friends who come over do not want to see her panties and bras all over the house (the little dog loves to drag them around for all to see). She is almost 12, so maybe the embarrassment will change this habit.

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