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It was only a matter of time September 10, 2007

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tape-measure.jpg I can’t believe I have had a blog for this long and haven’t jumped on a soapbox about Miss Britney. Being that I am (ashamedly) a reader of celebrity gossip, there has been no one whose story is more of a trainwreck as of late. So I of course had to tune into the MTV VMA’s last night to see her historic comeback (soley for research purposes).

I could blog about how bad it was (really, really bad) or how she seemed to even forget how to lip sync (how hard is that?) or how raunchy she continues to be (inspiring young girls everywhere). Instead I would like to talk about how fat she looked.

Oh, yes, it seems many of the reviews today are all about her “huge” gut. Is it just me, or is it a little sad when this:


is fat? Now perhaps she isn’t quite as toned as when she was SEVENTEEN, and perhaps I would have gone with a different choice in clothing (actually this applies across the board-please hire a stylist Miss B) that was a bit more flattering, but since when is this overweight? The woman has had 2 children people. I have had 2 children and my stomach isn’t near that flat. In fact I would give the 10 extra pounds around my waistline for that stomach (oh, wait-then I would have that stomach).

There are a billion and one reasons why this girl is a poor choice of role models for young women, but let’s not add to them by suggesting that her body isn’t good enough. Somedays, I truly weep over the fact I am raising girls in this culture.


6 Responses to “It was only a matter of time”

  1. Char Says:

    I missed the actual viewing of it on that night…..but it was all over the news yesterday morning so I really don’t feel that I missed much. I too am saddened by the fact that everyone is saying she’s fat. She may still have some of her baby fat….but come on people! Having children does things to your body, and becoming what society (or rather the media) calls skinny is out of the question after popping out children. Add that on top of what it’s telling our girls and it’s no wonder there are so many women with eating disorders.

  2. georgiamom Says:

    I agree that she should not be called “fat”. I’m sure by Hollywood’s standards she is, but come on! But, I personally I wouldn’t be caught dead in that outfit she’s wearing. So, I guess it’s an even trade. If she’s gonna put herself out there, then she’s gonna gonna have to deal with the flack!

  3. WORD! I read an article that sais she had a “paunch” and I was like, “That is not a paunch. I can show you a paunch!” Not to defend Brit Brit but dang girlfriend is a lot of (bad) things, and FAT is not one of them.

  4. canearl Says:

    I’m totally with you on this. My husband even said something about her being big and I told him that if she’s big than I’m obese (and I am not obese – by the way). And he backtracked and said that she was bigger than she used to be. I’m just so fed up with the glamorization of stripping- why is it that it’s the new cool thing? I just don’t get any of it.

  5. SAHMmy Says Says:

    Britney Spears is exactly the reason I cried when I found out I was having a girl.

  6. Summer Says:

    I can’t say anything good about Britney, but she is definitely not fat!

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