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Things I Love Thursday- Pantene Mousse September 12, 2007

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pantene2.jpg I love trying new haircare products so I was really excited to try Pantene Moussing Foam Wax when it came out. I have become a devotee ever since.

To be honest, I am a bit late on this post since I recently got my hair cut, but before that I had kind of a layered flippy cut and I needed something to aid me in the flip. This mousse is a cross between a wax and a mousse so it gives you definition and hold, but it still allows your hair to move and isn’t sticky. Basically I felt like it just “dirtied” my hair up without it feeling nasty.

I have only tried it on wet hair, so I am not really sure what happens when you use it on dry hair, but it says it can be used that way. A little goes a long way you don’t have to go crazy with it. The best part is that it isn’t expensive like a lot of styling products. Best of all you can get a coupon for $2 off any of the Pantene texturizing products. We all know how I love a good coupon.


2 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday- Pantene Mousse”

  1. SAHMmy Says Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation and the coupon link! I just cut 12 inches off my hair–actually have somewhat of a style going, but need something to separate the layers. Will try!

  2. I have to warn you that Pantene is not the best for your hair. It does have some great results but the way in which it accomplishes that is not so “green”. Sorry! I have to admit that it’s hard for me not to buy it because they always smell great. But Pantene and Herbal Essence are on my “not to use” list. On a total side note, I was also told that if you use Pantene products on your hair the day you color it, the color won’t last as well because of the coating the products put on your hair.

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