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Interview with ME September 18, 2007

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question-mark.jpg I saw this over at SAHMmy Says and begged her to interview me. Here’s the deal:

Leave me a comment saying “Interview me.” I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions. If you don’t have a valid email address on your blog, please provide one. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

1.  Everybody Dance Now!  What songs make you grab your girls and get jiggy with it?

In our house we all stop whatever we are doing and dance whenever “Hey Ya”-Outkast and “Dancing Queen”-Abba. The girls also love a slow dance with their daddy to “100 Years” by Five For Fighting.

2.  You live near your inlaws and say it’s fantastically fun with free babysitting, etc.  “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”  Regale us with your best Everybody Loves Raymond moment.

You know my parents read this thing right? Truthfully, I have laid down the law with the parents and the in-laws. All I ask is that they call before stopping by. They all adhere to that pretty well. My biggest complaints are that my father and mother-in-law would feed my children a steady diet of cheetos and ice cream if left to their own devices. My mother is amazing with the kids, but seems to be trying to kill my hubby by constantly trying to feed him nuts which he is deathly allergic to. The father-in-law and his brand new wife get off easy cause they are off honeymooning and who wants to bash a new bride and groom.

3.  What personality trait does your sweetheart possess that you desire for yourself?

He is an amazing listener. Me, more of a constant talker. He is really good at asking questions to figure people out which generally leads him to be a great judge of character.

4.  Your Frugal Godmother appears and grants your wish to be independently wealthy!  What frugal habits are out the window?

This is so lame, but I would change grocery stores. I shop at the discount super store and I HATE it. I am a firm believer that produce and lawn mowers should not be sold in the same store. Their are some high end grocery stores in the area that I would LOVE to shop at regularly, but they are just too expensive to justify. Also, lets face it, I would own way more shoes.

5.  You and hubs teach a marriage class.  How’s about some free advice?

Our best advice is the marriage is hard work. The best way to make it work is not to view your relationship as a 50-50 partnership, but a 100-0 partnership. If it is 50-50, the moment your spouse isn’t giving as much as you think they should, you start slacking off too. If you constantly give 100%, even when they have nothing to give, you will have success. Plus, lets be honest, there are times you are closer to the zero mark and those are the times we most need our spouse to be giving that 100.

Wanna be interviewed by me? Email me or leave a comment on this post with “Interview Me” in the copy!


9 Responses to “Interview with ME”

  1. BigBinder Says:

    I can see why #2 would be a problem. I mean, they are in West Michigan and really, Cheetos? They should be feeding them Cheeze Kurls instead. I’ll send some over.

    Good advice on the marriage balance of efforts. I’ll have to keep that in mind while I’m pouting about how all I do is give.

  2. adventuremom Says:

    Me next 🙂

  3. SAHMmy Says Says:

    Great answers! Thanks for playing. I needed that peptalk about the 100-0 marriage rule–thanks!

  4. canearl Says:

    You can interview me! The marriage stuff is so true. If everyone did that there’d be no divorce.

  5. anne Says:

    I definitely need something interesting to write about…since I haven’t gotten to the local dinner challenge yet! Send me your best questions!

  6. Georgia Mom Says:

    I’ll play! Interview me. I’m off to the beach tomorrow, but I’ll have access to the internet (what kind of vacation would it be otherwise!).

  7. ooh pick me pick me! I looooves talking about myself…

  8. rightingrandrapids Says:

    Thanks for the nice plug, babe. Our other favorite advice on marriage is that love is misunderstood. It’s not a feeling; it’s not about someone completing us. Rather, it’s always defined by the willingness and ability to sacrifice for another. Love is sacrificial devotion. Thankfully, I have a God and a wife that love me authentically.

  9. lookmomlook Says:

    Seriously, you two lovebirds make me sick…or is that jealousy I am feeling? Not only is your hubby a good listener but a great writer! Geez, I think I need to have a marriage refresher course. Wait, I don’t think I ever had one. Tomas and I will be over next week for a private session.

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