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Suvivor China September 20, 2007

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survivor.jpg And so it begins. The hubby and I have watched every season since the first one. Here are my initial observations.

  1. How excited am I that they are in China? I have been there and it is such an amazing country. I am really jazzed to see what we get to see as the season moves one.
  2. Why are the contestants still surprised when Jeff says things like, “You can only bring the clothes on your back.” One woman was in a dress with heels, one had on fishnets and some crazy boots, another forgot her bra. You are on Survivor people. Clue in.
  3. Why are people in 2007 still sporting mullets? Even Billy Ray has moved on. Let’s all join him shall we?
  4. So we have the token Christian. So far I really like her, but I am wondering how she will be portrayed? They made kind of a big deal out of her not doing the Buddhist ceremony (which I respect). It will be interesting to see her journey

Any thoughts to add?


4 Responses to “Suvivor China”

  1. rightingrandrapids Says:

    Give a bra-less mullet chick a break, would ya?

  2. adventuremom Says:

    In my house Survivor night is a must see. We are fanatics too. I like that they are in China. I can’t believe people dressed like that knowing they are going on the show, what did Survivor tell them? They were going out for dinner? I was sad Chicken got voted off, I liked his character and wanted to see him develop. I think the token Christian is going to get a bad rap. The lunch lady made me think of Adam Sandlers Lunch Lady song.

  3. I was so excited to watch survivor last night!! I love the grave digger guy! What a nice guy in a great body. Chicken cracked me up. Though, I am glad that he was voted off. We were yelling at him to make a decision the whole time. I also like the wrestler girl. I was very excited that she did not get voted off because she was sick. I think she will spice it up later.

  4. Candace Says:

    I liked it. I watched the first few and kind of dropped off when we started having kids. I’m going to try to keep up with this one though- it looks like it’ll be a good one.

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