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Frugal Friday- Cheaper Travel September 27, 2007

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frugalfridays.jpg There are a lot of great websites out there to help you plan a trip on a budget. I would like to highlight three of them that we use often.

  1. I have used many different search engines that promise discount flight prices. I think this one is the best. It searches hundreds of travel sites to give you the lowest prices. It isn’t its own store, but instead points you to other places to purchase what you need. By doing this it doesn’t just save you money, but time too (which often times is even more valuable). They also have a blogwith fun travel info if you’re into the blog thing 🙂
  2. Frommer’s books and magazines have written some of the best known travel guides. What many people don’t know is how great they are at seeking out travel deals. We used some of their tips for our honeymoon and stayed at an amazing resort for a killer price.
  3. So you’ve done the research and have found the perfect destination and a cheap flight. Now, where to stay? You can use both the above resources to find good deals, but don’t you want to know what realpeople think about that hotel. On trip advisor, people give honest feedback, often with pictures about hotels and vacation destinations. Let’s be honest, if a hotel is $30 a night, but has cockroaches and dirty sheets, it isn’t much of a deal. You can also plan trips from this site, but we use it mainly for the reviews. They also have great forums where you can get all sorts of ideas for what to do when you get to your destination. This is another way to get insider tips that often can save you lots of money cause they aren’t catering to tourists.

That’s how we travel frugally. For more tips check out Biblical Womanhood.


4 Responses to “Frugal Friday- Cheaper Travel”

  1. Jean Says:

    Great sites! Thanks Jill! I’ve looked at two out of three already this morning and will definitely be perusing through these sites again more in depth!!

  2. Char Says:

    Thanks for the awesome tips! Next time we travel I’ll have to use these. I am always in the mood for a deal, especially with travel!

  3. BigBinder Says:

    I LOVE kayak too!! One other one I like is triprewards; it’s the Days Inn/Super 8 mid to lower end hotel chains – some of which are nice, some are nasty; be sure to check Tripadvisor first – but if you find a better deal on another website, they will give you a free night if you can document it. I am obsessive with travelling cheaply. Usually it works out very well. I do have some misses though; so now I try and post my experiences to save other people from the same thing.

  4. SAHMmy Says Says:

    I love Trip Advisor–hasn’t steered us wrong yet! It’s easy to separate the hotel-sponsored BS posts from those of real travelers. I look there first to gather a short list of hotels reported as both clean and cheap, then book through various other sites.

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