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Music Monday- Switchfoot October 7, 2007

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record.jpg If you haven’t heard of these guys, you are seriously missing out on some great music. I am not sure who to compare Switchfoot to because they have a sounds that I think is very unique. While their songs are never explicitly Christian their music is very inspirational.

Switchfoot has admittedly been hesitant to be labeled a Christian rock band as they feel that limits their audience. I think that has allowed them to make music that is outside the “Christian music” box. Which is probably why they sound so cool. I had such a hard time trying to figure out which song to put on this post, but I landed on “Meant to Live” since it was the first song I ever heard by them. I would love to hear what songs you love if you are a fan. If you aren’t one yet, please check them out further. I think you will be hooked.


3 Responses to “Music Monday- Switchfoot”

  1. i also heart switchfoot and have ever since i was in college which was like 9,000 years ago! Great choice!

  2. anne Says:

    This was one of the first bands Andy & I liked together and listened to “The Legend of Chin” (their first album) over and over and over…on tape. Favorite song? “Company Car.” Always will be.

    Love these guys…

  3. Damselfly Says:

    I heart Switchfoot!

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