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Week 2- Mama needs a new pair of panties October 12, 2007

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sex-challenge.gif New to the challenge, read this first.

OK ladies, lets talk undergarments. Was the last time your panties had elastic in the Clinton administration? Is your underwear hitting somewhere around your bellybutton?

Perhaps it’s time to overhaul your underwear drawer. Baby steps. I am not talking about plunking down $500 at Victoria’s Secret for a bunch of lingerie. I am just talking about a few new pairs of panties. BTW- Vicky’s secret? She has no cellulite or stretch marks from having babies. Let’s not be intimidated by her standard.

I firmly believe it is difficult to feel sexy in “grannie” panties (Mom, please no comments about your underwear, I can’t afford the therapy). Let me also dispel the myth that sexy panties=thong. I know some women swear by their comfort, but I don’t enjoy flossing my behind. Sexy simply means something you feel sexy in. So go buy yourself 5 new pairs of pretty panties. They don’t have to be pricey, just pretty.

There is a catch. You must go through your drawer and rid yourself of any pair of underwear that is in the “definetely un-sexy” category. I know all the excuses for hanging onto them. Pregnancy, your faithful monthly visitor, working out. The problem is that often they make their way back into the regular rotation when we get behind in the laundry. If you insist on hanging onto them, get them out of your regular drawer so you won’t be tempted to pull them out during a bad laundry week.

Have fun. To really have fun, let the hubby help pick them out. For extra credit, buy a matching bra. Sometimes just feeling sexy is half the battle.

Check back every Saturday for your weekly challenge. Are you in?


14 Responses to “Week 2- Mama needs a new pair of panties”

  1. Georgia Mom Says:

    Great idea! When I get to my goal weight and have my long awaited tummy tuck, the first thing I plan to do, is buy new panties! Trust me, know one wants to see my “plus size” bum in a pair of sexy undies and that includes me! But, I’ll file this one away for when the time is right.

  2. Jean Says:

    It’s sad when certain pairs of under garments flash in your mind that you’ve had for…oh…a very long time and they should’ve seen the trash can…oh… a very long time ago..

    Great challenge. I’m up for it.

  3. Candace Says:

    I’m in on this one. I actually saw some really cute bra and panty sets at Target yesterday.

  4. lifeafterbaby Says:

    Target bras are my new favorite. Especially when they are on the clearance rack for $4.98.

    I’ve also read that you’re supposed to throw out and buy new underwear every 3 months, every 6 months at MOST due to bacteria etc. So even if it’s not just a sex-trap issue, buying new undies is definitely a sanitation issue.

  5. Kathy in WA Says:

    Great tip for this week’s challenge! Thank you for being willing to encourage women in their marriages in this way.

    Duckabush Blog

  6. jubilee Says:

    Good advice! Sorry if I’m jumping the gun, so to speak but, another great thing to do for yourself is to get an honest to goodness bra fitting. Swallow your modesty and/or your pride for a few moments and let a trained pro help. Ladies, the correct bra can change your life. I was able to go down a whole blouse size when the “girls” were lifted. Bonus: I had a waist again!

  7. Char Says:

    I do have to say that there is nothing like a new pair of pretty panty’s to add a little bit of feeling sexy back into your life. I however have to disagree with Georgia Mom….if you wait to buy new panties until you are that perfect size, you’ll probably never buy them. I am not a perfect size….FAR from it, but ya know what…my hubs loves it when I put on something silky, even if it’s in the dark and he can’t see my plus size bum or the color of it. It’s all about how they make you feel, now the size. And they make pleanty of sexy plus sized panties….I especially love Lane Bryant’s buy 3 get 2 free sales.

  8. SAHMmy Says Says:

    Great reminder! Back before the kiddos arrived I always matched my bra and panties. I’m tapering off the nursing since the baby eats quite a bit of table food now, so I may be able to squeeze myself back into one of my pretty bras again. Wish me luck!

  9. Krista Says:

    You make me laugh! I’m so glad I found you through the bloggy giveaways (and I’m totally gonna get some of those scripture prints!)
    Week 1 – that’s already done
    Week 2 – oooo, he would love to buy me some… we’re going to the city next weekend! But I think we might break the bank if we tried bras since they changed size significantly with this baby thing! And he’s still nursing so we’ll have to wait on that…

  10. proverbs31 Says:

    I like the way you said, “sexy underwear is something you feel sexy in.” Absolutely!

  11. Amanda Says:

    I started in on this challenge so late, but that doesn’t mean I can’t come all the way back and comment right? I went out today and bought me red lacy matching bra & underwear and OMG they’re hot looking! So, my husband is at work tonight (he works graveyard) and I’m actually going to go upstairs after I finish my blog reading, take a nice, hot bath since the baby is actually sleeping (she better stay that way) and then I’m going put on my new buy, take a picture w/the trusty camera phone and send it to him. And I might even put “Wanna meet at the kitchen table at 5am when you get off work?” LOL ~ I’m so kidding about that part, but I had to make you laugh…. there’s NO WAY I’m dragging my butt out of bed on a Saturday morning at 5am. But I am going to send the picture.

  12. regina Says:

    love the panty idea! This was part of my Christmas present to hubby, I bought myself 3 sexy panties. They’re not thong, but the stretchy lace sorta boy cut that shows your booty. Luckily he likes the view, I’m not sure I want to see it!

    Might I add a P.S. to the panty idea? Hope this isn’t TMI but I know it’s something my hubby LOVES me to do although I don’t do it as often as I should: trim things up so all you see is panties. I think that’s specific enough, and I’m sure the men would appreciate the effort.

  13. Britni Says:

    I just started reading through your challenge. I’m a newlywed, but hey the sex life can always be better right. I have some sexy panties already… but I love getting new lingerie so I’m in!

  14. Kristen Says:

    So, I jumped on week two a little early, but I had a coupon for a free panty at Victorias Secret (or as my David calls it “Vicky’s Hush Hush” – LOL). So we went to get my plain little free panties, and then saw the most adorable and bright ones 5/$25. I, having not bough new panties since I lost 30 lbs., was in desparate need, so I indulged and Dave and I picked the funniest pairs. And I must say, underpants that fit and are cute? Totally awesome.

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