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The Blessing of Four October 14, 2007

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four1.jpg My days are marked by the constant phrase, “I can do it myself.” Four is an age of such independence and the desire to express it in any way possible. A lot of times that is really great, as I have a built in helper. Lily can dress herself, brush her own teeth, set and clear the table, and buckle herself in her car seat. She is constantly exploring a multitude of career choices whether it be a veterinarian, doctor, hairstylist, massage therapist (I am always a willing customer) or princess (a lofty career aspiration for an American with no royal blood). She is learning many skills that are so much fun to watch develop. She has started reading, coloring in the lines and riding a bike (with training wheels of course). This week, I marveled as she drew a picture that actually looked like what she said it was.

It is so amazing to hear the adult-like things that come out of her mouth. She is fond of starting sentences with “actually.” She will often ask me after preschool, “Did you have a good morning today?” Today she exclaimed to her grandma, “There are some serious choking hazards around here.” I took her to the ballet last week and out to lunch afterwards. It is so cool that I can sit across the table from her and carry on a real conversation.

Yet what I truly love about 4 is that she is still my little girl in so many ways. She had her 4 year check up this week and it consisted of 5 shots. I held her on my lap while the nurse gave her the shots. She tried so hard to be brave and not cry, but come on, 5 shots!! She threw her arms around my neck and snuggled in. At 4, she still believes that mommy hugs and kisses can make everything better. At 4, she still crawls up in my lap to have me read her books. At 4, she still needs my help to reach things on the top shelf, tie a shoe, button some buttons, and zip some zippers.

As much as I hear, “I can do it myself!” I also still hear a ton of “Mommy can you help me?” I know that phrase will be heard less often as the years go on. So I try to cherish the moments she needs my help rather than get frustrated. I may even secretly enjoy those little boo-boos that my mommy kisses fix. So I will hold onto every snuggle and hug a little bit longer. Four will be gone before I know it.

This post was written as part of MamaBlogga’s October Group Writing Project.


11 Responses to “The Blessing of Four”

  1. cleaver mama Says:

    Are you trying to make me cry?

  2. tiffany Says:

    Oh so sweet. It is a lovely age and a a fantastic post!

  3. Georgia Mom Says:

    That’s so sweet! It’s funny because every stage was my favorite. When they were babies I would think, it just doesn’t get any better than this. And then the same thing as toddlers, preschoolers and now I feel like I’m in the best phase with a 8 and 5 year old. Every stage is great and I think every new stage is better than the last!

  4. Summer Says:

    Great post! I love the usage of big words that make our little darlings feel more grown up.

  5. Very sweet. Joshua will be 4 soon and this gives me something to look forward to!

  6. Char Says:

    Just wait for the conversations you have at 5….they increase in humor 10 fold. Clare’s knock knock jokes are actually starting to make sense now. I do love the adult like grown-up conversations they try to have.

  7. SAHMmy Says Says:

    What a sweet post! With every skill my son masters, I feel his new independence with a combination of pride and regret–I’m so happy he can “do it myself” but a few more “Mommy can you help me” requests would be music to my ears!

  8. canearl Says:

    I love four too! It’s amazing how they start to seem like little people at four. Great post!

  9. You really make this age sound GREAT! I’m looking forward to it! My favorite word to hear a little kid say is “Actually,” too! My son doesn’t say much in the way of real words right now, but he has the most adult inflection, expression and mannerisms as he lectures me all day long.

    Thanks for participating!

  10. Kellan Says:

    Yes it will. You are smart to be enjoying all these moments, it will be gone in a flash.

  11. Mama Zen Says:

    You’ve captured “four” perfectly. Such a great age!

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