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Works for Me Wednesday- You Tube October 16, 2007

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wfmwheader_162.jpg I will admit upfront that I am a bit of a freak about letting my children watch TV and movies. We don’t ban it by any means. I love Dora as much as the next guy. I have just always noticed when talking to other mommies that we let our kids watch considerably less than your average family. Trust me, I say this with no judgement. Although I think some parents go way overboard, letting their kids so much TV they could recite the Nickelodeon line up from memory, I think there is a lot of different and acceptable ways to approach this.

One choice the hubby and I have made is to not let our 4 year old watch movies. We caved once on a long car ride and she saw Cinderella. Although she was in heaven for that hour or so, she really has no idea what she is missing and at this point has never even asked to see another one. I truly don’t know how this is happening given her current obsession with all things Disney Princess.

I guess we just feel like she has a lifetime to watch this stuff and a lot of it just has content that I am not thrilled with. Mainly that there is just a lot of scary images. You should know that Lily’s prayer request every single night is that we pray that she won’t have scary dreams. She has even found a few Veggie Tales videos to be scary. Heck, I even find a few of those Disney movies scary (anyone else seriously disturbed by the Nazi-esque scene in the Lion King).

Remember when this post was about something that “Works for Me?” Oh, sorry, you didn’t come here for a dissertation on healthy movie viewing habits of 4 year olds? Anywho…I have found a great solution that satisfies Lily’s love of the princesses and my desire to shelter her a tad bit longer. You Tube. That site is just filled with clips of all sorts of fun movies that she will watch over and over again. Some people have even gotten very creative and mixed a bunch of movies together.

Here in our house we particularly love: Hakuna Matata, Under the Sea, Do Re Mi, and Supercala (etc., etc. you know the Mary Poppins one). But the one that wins hands down and has made an Abba fan out of my 4 year old is this one:

We twirl around our living room singing our little hearts out, dancing like the princesses we are. Hannah has even begun to get into it. Try searching for your favorite songs and scenes and characters and see what you find. One caveat: please check out things before hitting play. There is some really weird stuff floating around on YouTube.

That’s what works for me. For more tips head over to Rocks in My Dryer.


25 Responses to “Works for Me Wednesday- You Tube”

  1. lifeafterbaby Says:

    Oh WHEW! Now I can go to bed. I had to make sure tonight’s post wasn’t a “I went to a baby shower tonight and there was this girl there with the worst outfit on. Let me describe it…” and be shocked that this “girl” was wearing the same outfit I wore to the shower. I’m so relieved. I’ll read this post tomorrow–it’s late and this one is long!

  2. phyllis Says:

    what a cool idea. thanks for sharing:-)

  3. Heather Says:

    My kids love Youtube–I make lists of the ones they are aloud to watch and then they can watch them without me having to monitor it constantly. (They are older, 6, 7, 9). We don’t have many movies and I notice they do better without them. My oldest used to watch too much then she developed a seizure disorder which meant no movies unless they are watched on a computer and are computer graphics (different refresh rate). Anyway, the kids love Youtube but know not to look without asking first–because yeah, there are some doozies out there.

  4. Lady Why Says:

    I love You Tube!! You can always find what you are looking for there!

  5. I do this with my daughter, too. It’s such a great idea and she gets to see all of her favorite movies, without me having to buy them.

  6. Kathy in WA Says:

    Have you tried God Tube? I have watched a few clips from there (not Disney princess related but you never know). I like the idea that you might not stumble upon any inappropriate junk.

    We like to find songs on You Tube – I went through a whole Big Daddy Weave phase and watched several of their songs on youtube. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    Duckabush Blog

  7. Susan Says:

    Love the video. Thanks!

  8. Georgia Mom Says:

    I feel the same way as you do about TV. My girls are 8 and 5 and thanks to our years of monitoring their TV (or just not watching TV), neither one of them care that much about TV. They would rather be outside playing. My 8 year old still likes to watch Cyberchase and Curious George. We only get about 15 channels, so if it’s not educational or very kid friendly, even my girls will choose not to watch it. I have to admit I never thought about YouTube for this. I’ll have to give that some thought. Good suggestion.

  9. Kellan Says:

    Big YouTube fan here. I love thinking of everyone dancing in your house. See ya.

  10. SAHMmy Says Says:

    I am the worst offender when it comes to letting my son watch age-INappropriate material! We didn’t let him watch a single second of TV until he was ten months old…then I started working weekend nights and Daddy turned my baby on to Star Wars! One of his first words was “Baba” (Chewbacca!) I actually find Harry Potter to be less scary than Snow White, but I’m sure I’m alone in that! Maybe I’m just selfish…I hate Barney and Dora; I’d much prefer we all watch something together. Thanks for the You Tube tip; I’ve hit a few funny clips while reading blogs–if we ever turn off the DVD player I’ll check it out 🙂

  11. Nap Warden Says:

    I agree, The Lion King has some scary stuff! Youtube is a great option!

  12. lifeafterbaby Says:

    I haven’t tried the You Tube thing yet. We are still going through all the “Reading Rainbow” and Mr. Rogers episodes from the library. We also like watching family videos that Dan puts on the computer with a song in the background–what kids doesn’t like to see him or herself on “TV” as the star of the show?

    Yeah, kid movies are pretty scary. The one and only one that doesn’t give my kids or me any problems is CARS–there’s nothing really scary in that one and no evil characters. All the other ones have someone or something dark in them. At least we have had lots of good chats about how God takes care of us and how we shouldn’t watch things that make us scared etc…we try to turn everything into a teachable moment.

  13. Tiffany Says:

    What a great video! I love you tube! My husband and I watch things on there fairly often. We really liked the ones of Britain’s got talent with Paul Potts:
    What a surprise! Thanks for sharing!

  14. mummymac Says:

    We love Youtube too!

  15. Michelle Says:

    now that is an awesome idea!!!!i’ll have to do that.Thanks!~

  16. mom Says:

    I am on a princess vendetta, but completely second use of youtube. I have used it for the funniest things — like answering “How is glass made” (we watched a 7 minutes snoozer on a glass factory, but my 4yo loved it. And we also watch the 2 minute wordgirl clips! They are great. WordGirl is one show I would let her watch, but we’re never home at the right time, so I’ve played a few on youtube and really had fun with it.

    I’m inspired to see what else I can dig up – thanks!

  17. TX Poppet Says:

    Found yor blog via WFMW. Glad I did.

  18. Nikki Says:

    Wow! I had no idea that You Tube had things like this. It is a wonderful thing to not have all the scary scenes. And there really are so many scenes in “innocent” Disney movies that freak my kids out. So thanks for the tip!

  19. That’s a great idea! I am so going to try it. Thanks.

  20. adventuremom Says:

    So how do you get to be first every time 🙂

  21. MemeGRL Says:

    Hilarious. Thanks. We have a 4 y.o. son who is very, very afraid of “scary” images (gotta be honest, even the cartoon flame in this might set him off) so we’ve used YouTube for “steam engines” a lot but as he’s curious about Disney this is a great introduction. Love the idea. Thanks!

  22. jaycie Says:

    I love this idea! Here’s what I have done to allow my son to watch specific YouTube videos… I made a separate blog just for fun stuff and I embed the videos I want him to have access to on that blog. Then he can play them whenever and I don’t have to worry about inappropriate pictures, ads, comments, etc.

  23. Laane Says:

    Great idea.

    My children were little a while ago, in the pre-youtube era.

    I taped TV programs they loved and they watched it over and over again.

    Because they didn’t know how to use the video I had total control.

  24. Jennifer Says:

    Love youtube! Great for looking up videos from the 80’s! hey, that was my time! 🙂

  25. We love You Tube. We always watch it together as a family because yes, you do have to be careful. We love the Japanese game shows!! Hilarious. Also, my daughter has watched every song imaginable to Kingdom Hearts clips.

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