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Happy Birthday Hubby!! October 18, 2007

Filed under: Family,Holidays — thediaperdiaries @ 6:46 am

birthday-cake.jpg My wonderful hubby is 34 today. I have written before about how great I think he is. He is truly the best husband and father our family could ask for (in my humble opinion). If you are one of my loyal readers or even a lurker, I would love it if you would head over to his blog and give him a birthday shout out. Happy Birthday Babe!!!


4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Hubby!!”

  1. SAHMmy Says Says:

    Duty done, and happily…though as it seems to be his professional blog, my comment may not make it past moderation 🙂

  2. bloginmyeye Says:

    Oh, the bloggy love on the hubby’s blog. It is a special thing.

  3. Summer Says:

    I hope he has a fantastic birthday!!

  4. kindnotes Says:

    I’m always happy to hear when husbands and wives work as a team and appreciate one another. Keep it up!

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