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Ode to Hannah October 21, 2007

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love.jpg I feel that Hannah has not gotten near enough attention on my blog. So I would like to spend some time telling you about my second child so she doesn’t grow up with some sort of second child complex (see Court I have heard your pleas).

Hannah is 17 months old and still not talking so she isn’t quotable yet. Unless you count animal noises, which she is quite fluent in. What I find so humorous is the animals she knows. She can tell you what a dog and cow says, but also a jaguar, fish, seal, bee, snake, and monkey. Oddly enough though she won’t do kitty, sheep or horse. Seems as though we have a baby more keen on exotic local than the farm. Maybe she will be a world traveler.

Now, I will admit, I have been very concerned about Hannah’s lack of speech. She signs more a lot. Mainly whenever she walks into a kitchen. When we go to my parents house, she immediately heads to the kitchen cupboard where my mom keeps her stash of licorice. She runs from the door to that cupboard doing the sign for more the whole way. This baby loves to eat. Somehow she is still in the 15th percentile for weight. I can only pray that this metabolism continues into adulthood.

Hannah loves to giggle. No one makes her giggle more than her big sister. She normally wakes up before the rest of us and spends the early morning hours playing with her daddy. When she hears Lily getting out of bed, she runs to the bottom of the stairs and waits for her to come down so she can give her a big hug. Few things give me more joy than watching my two girls become such good buddies. They hold hands in their car seats, dance around the living room and giggle at their own private little jokes.

But make no mistake, she is Daddy’s girl. She looks like him. She shares a bunch of personality traits with him (love of food, bad gas-oops did I just write that?). Her face lights up when he comes home and she cries when he leaves in the morning. They love to go on stroller walks together and often times Hannah will grab her shoes and coat and bring them over to him to remind him it is walk time. Sometimes she will throw me a bone and snuggle with me, but when given the choice she will usually go to him. I don’t mind cause there are few things sweeter than a daddy and his daughter. Just remember who pushed you out in 2 minutes with no drugs missy.

So despite the fact there are probably more pictures of Lily, that Hannah has no baby book (than again Lily’s is pretty pathetic too), that she lives and plays with mostly hand me downs, and that you don’t get at much bloggy love…Hannah, you are such a joy and so very loved. Thank you for keeping a smile on my face.


7 Responses to “Ode to Hannah”

  1. Summer Says:

    Very sweet post!

  2. Candace Says:

    That’s really sweet! I feel bad that my second and third get castoffs some times too, but I guess it’s just life. Don’t feel bad about the baby book thing- my first doesn’t even have one! I’m just going to do a photobook on shutterfly because that would be much better than something I could scrapbook- and lets face it- he’s 4 so he’s probably not going to be getting a baby book now.
    I think that it’s really sweet how close your girls are- that’s awesome!

  3. Courtney Says:

    Aww, seeee? way to go!! We must not forget the second child!! YAY!!!!


  4. SAHMmy Says Says:

    What a sweetie! My baby is Daddy’s Girl all the way–he gets all the best smiles and she’s started taking a few steps–but only to Daddy! Apparently I’m just the meal ticket 🙂

  5. Ryan Says:

    What a blessing little Hannah is – as are the other two ladies of my life, Jill and Lily. If every day of my life starts with seeing them hug in the morning and putting them to sleep at night, I’d consider it a fully blessed life. Great post babe.

  6. joyangel123 Says:

    Hannah sounds like a very sweet little girl. Not yet talking. Was this the same way with her sister. I think
    it’s strange. Keep on believing. God is great!


  7. My Butterfly is the middle one, squashed between two brothers. People tell me,”Poor girl, having two brothers.” In reality, it’s poor brothers. She rules the roost.

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