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Week 4 Challenge- Shock and Awe October 28, 2007

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sex-challenge.gif Well, a little 4th week update. Overall, I think the challenge is going well. Many women have told me how much they appreciate it and I think we are getting some good participation and some happy husbands. As for me, my new “sexy” underwear are giving me a constant wedgie. I think I need to rethink that purchase. Sorry, I am late this weekendwith your week 4 challenge, but better late than never.

I don’t know if you have told your hubby about the challenge or not. Maybe he hasn’t noticed, suddenly the bedroom has been rearranged. I hope he noticed the new undergarments. If not, you need to think sexier. This week’s challenge is all about the element of surprise. So hubbies, avert your eyes.

If your sex life is like most housewives I talk to, evenings look like this: Do some cleaning up, organizing, miscellaneous things you couldn’t accomplish with kids around. Watch a little TV, surf the internet. Finally get to bed about 1/2 hour past exhausted. Head hits the pillow only to feel a little tap on the shoulder (or worse). You roll over and groan as you see “the look” in his eyes. The words, “I’m so tired” or “It’s so late” or even “You must be kidding me?” might be uttered. Sound familiar?

How about instead, you take command of the evening. Put the kids to bed and tell the hubby you need him to come do some made up chore in the bedroom (hang curtains, fix the dresser knob, fold socks, whatever). When he enters, you pounce. Hubbies get really tired of asking and getting shot down. This week, you initiate. He may fall over from the surprise, but then you will have him on his back, right where you want him 🙂

Check back every Saturday for your weekly challenge. Are you in? Leave a comment below.


9 Responses to “Week 4 Challenge- Shock and Awe”

  1. Candace Says:

    I think that I can safely say that this will, by far, be my husband’s favorite challenge. I’m not going to tell him- I’ll see if he can figure it out. I’ll go ahead and thank you on his behalf :).

  2. anne Says:

    Is it ok if I do less of a pounce and more of a shoving technique? I’m not quite so agile as I once was… 😉

  3. Courtney Says:

    You have no idea how much this depresses me. I can’t believe this challenge is even necessary!!! Married people can have sex whenever they want! I just can’t imagine being too tired for this. Wouldn’t you be happy to know that your husband desired you?

    Okay, obviously, I am single so I can not relate at all…

    Who knows? Eventually, once I am married, I will need this challenge myself. Okay, now I am sad…


  4. SAHMmy Says Says:

    Another great tip! My sweetheart is drop dead tired from his long workday, so unfortunately he’s often asleep before the kiddos on the weekdays 😦 My son just started AWANAs–it’s a once a week bible study that we drop him off at. My new tactic is to put the baby in her swing right before I take my son to the church–by the time I return, she’s out cold–my husband and I are practically alone, and we’re both awake! It would be a shame to pass up such a great opportunity.

  5. marigold1199 Says:

    Tee hee, my husband LOVES when I initiate! Usually he is the one surfing on the computer (because I’m on it all day at work, why get on at home?) so I’ll go in and announce my intentions and the chair will be spinning while he runs to the bedroom!!

  6. Jessianna Says:

    Ahhh, yes. I just found your site and love this challenge! Seeing as today is Halloween… I dont usually “do” Halloween but I recently found a great “dress-up” idea that would work in a pinch on such a day. Redi-Whip, Cherries, and Boobs. Fix the food stuff however you like, then tell him you’ll have Banana Splits for desert … IF he brings the banana. 😀
    Hope I did not highjack your challenge… Blessings to all of you that are “in”!

  7. OK. You are assuming one important thing… that my hubby will actually get up off his duff to help me with something I say I need help with. His loss if he doesn’t, I guess.

  8. Amber Says:

    This is a great challenge.

    I know this 4th week is one that I really struggle with. I am going to try this out!! Thanks for the push!! 🙂

  9. Britni Says:

    My husband almost knows that if he initiates, I’ll come up with some excuse. So he’s always waiting for me to initiate. I like the pounce idea. I think I’ll try that one.

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