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Music Monday- Bebo Norman November 4, 2007

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record.jpg Sorry I have spaced off on the last couple of Music Mondays. I apparently can’t keep track of my days. It is back though with an exciting cliff hanger. I have a VERY SPECIAL Music Monday planned for next week and there may even be a giveaway associated with it so make sure you come back.  I know, the excitement is too much for me too.

This week, I am highlighting Bebo Norman. Doesn’t that just make you want to pop out a kid and name it Bebo. No, yeah, me neither, especially since apparently it’s not even his real name.

If you have been following my music tastes for any length of time, you might notice I am really a fan of honest songwriters. Bebo is along those lines. His music is the kind you can have on in the background and enjoy, almost forgetting what you are listening to. It is typically just really mellow stuff. But if you take the time to really listen, he has some powerful lyrics. That is part of the reason I like him cause he can really be enjoyed in either fashion.

In my opinion, his best work is on Myself When I Am Real, one of his earliest albums. He just released a new album and I have been hearing several of his songs on the local radio. This clip shows a few of his new songs.  He also has a Christmas album coming out and I LOVE a good Christmas album so I may have to check that out too. Hope you enjoy yourself some Bebo.


4 Responses to “Music Monday- Bebo Norman”

  1. Melissa D Says:

    I absolutely LOVED Bebo’s first album and nothing else really seemed to live up to that for me. I think I’ll give Bebo another try this week. 🙂 I do have all of his CDs.

  2. Candace Says:

    Maybe this will redeem my husband in your eyes- he really likes Bebo Norman :).

  3. Sally Brown Says:

    The BEST new Christmas album out the is year is Michael W. Smith’s new one. I’ll try to get you one….if Ryne is ever healthy again and I can get to MOPS. If not, stop by, you won’t be disappointed by our garage!

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