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Week 6 Challenge- When in France… November 9, 2007

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sex-challenge.gif Before we begin a few digressions. Around here the week 5 challenge was derailed by a visit from my least favorite relative, “Aunt Flo.” How are you all doing? I plan to ramp it up next week to make up for lost time. That is why my hubby looks so happy if you see him (that and the fact that Huckabee is #3 in the polls, it’s a toss up).

Also, we just finished up the “sex talk” in marriage prep last weekend (the hubby and I teach the class). I fear we may have terrified all those nice engaged couples by spending way too much time lamenting the fact that sex after kids is a major challenge. This was right after my impassioned plea to ask them to abstain from sex until they were married. I am pretty sure they all thought, “Screw that, this might be the last chance we get!”

Which is a perfect segue into this weeks challenge. Remember back when you were dating your hubby that firework sensation that came from a really good kiss. How come those “feel it all the way in your toes” kisses are far and few between once you’ve been married a while? Instead, it sometimes feels like “oh, you’re kissing me with tongue, that must mean you want sex.” What if you sprung one of those kisses on your hubby when it couldn’t be followed up upon.

Now, I am not talking about some sort of teasing torture. That would be wrong (fun, but wrong). I’m saying maybe when he comes home and the kids aren’t paying much attention (lest you scar them for life), you plant a big one on him. Then smile slyly and move along. Build some anticipation that was so prevalent when dating. Then later, have a little make out session before getting down to business. Pretend for a moment the inevitable…isn’t inevitable.

Are you in?


6 Responses to “Week 6 Challenge- When in France…”

  1. anne Says:

    This is a good one!! 🙂 The teasing is definitely the most fun part. Someone has been up extremely late working the past week or so and there isn’t much I can do about that. But hopefully that won’t last for many more days.

  2. Marie Says:

    “Instead, it sometimes feels like “oh, you’re kissing me with tongue, that must mean you want sex.””

    LOL! Too true!

    I don’t think it’s that the spark is gone so much that we merely become so very comfortable with our spouses. Maybe one of those situations when comfort isn’t such a good thing, eh?

  3. Char Says:

    I do this at least once a week, and it works. And I do plant sloppy kisses on him with Clare watching, I think it’s good for children to see their parents in a healthy loving relationship….and actually she usually wants in on some hugging and kissing action too. Then we end up in a big family hug, which is nice because we all know that those won’t last once the teenage years hit!

  4. jubilee Says:

    My husband and I are demonstrative in front of the kids. Our oldest child is grossed out, our middle child wants in on it, and our last child wants Daddy out of the way so he can have Mommy to himself.

    I think initiation for later excitation is a great idea!

  5. kerry Says:

    Great idea! I tend to stay away from the deep kisses for the very reason you stated! But planting one on him when the kids are around is “safe” indeed! 🙂

  6. SAHMmy Says Says:

    “Pretend for a moment the inevitable…isn’t inevitable”
    My favorite advice to date! You Rock!

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