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Works For Me Wednesday- Happy Meal Toys November 13, 2007

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worksformewednesday.jpg A week ago I posted about a disturbing McDonalds experience I had over here. In case you are in the middle of trying to get through 300 Works for Me Wednesday ideas before bed, I will summarize with this:


This was what I found in my 4 year olds Happy Meal and promptly took away. On a quick side note, she told her Grandma that, “That shirt is really the problem.” Sweetie, that shirt only begins to describe the problem.

Anyway, I asked for advice on that post about how to approach such issues (if you feel passionate about this, head over the original post and leave a comment. I swear, soon, I am going to let Micky Ds know how concerned us mommies who frequent their establishment are about this kind of stuff). I realize some people thought I should just stop going to McDonalds or stop getting Happy Meals, but we rarely go and so when we do the Happy Meal toy is a major treat. So until I begin my total boycott I needed a strategy.

One mom had a great piece of advice I am going to blatantly rip off for today’s tip (I asked her permission and I am giving her credit so it’s not really stealing). When your kid gets an inappropriate kid’s meal toy (violent, hoochie, whatever), buy it for $1. Then take them to the $1 store to buy a more appropriate toy. This tip comes courtesy of Wendy over at Wendy’s Wonderings. Thanks for the tip Wendy.

For more Works for Me Wednesday ideas (probably more original than mine) check out Rocks in my Dryer.


22 Responses to “Works For Me Wednesday- Happy Meal Toys”

  1. Christa Says:

    Great idea! I rarely buy the actual meal, but I’m going to remember this just in case. Thanks!

  2. phyllis Says:

    i like that tip a lot. i have actually offered my kid money *not* to go to mcd’s…as in “you can have the five bucks i would spend there on your meal if i don’t have to eat there or go there or spend money there.” it usually works…

  3. Amy Says:

    I know this doesn’t really address the root issue, but when they ask me if I want the “boy or girl” toy, I always opt for the boy toy for my daughter. I’ve never met a truck or a car that was dressed inappropriately!

    Dolls are boring, anyway.

  4. Chappyswife Says:

    Now that’s a great tip that I will definitely be trying out, as well as two more great tips in the comments. I scored here. Thanks!

  5. Martha Says:

    LOL! I missed your original post, but I must confess that we had the same doll that lived in our house for about a week. She was wearing the “layered” look with a sharpie “t” and leggings drawn by me to cover her.

    I tossed her as soon as she wouldn’t be missed!

  6. mommycracked Says:

    Whoa Nelly! I have a little guy, so I didn’t see this toy…but wow! I’ll definitely keep this idea in mind.

  7. Laane Says:

    Well, it’s a good time to teach the girls to crochet little clothes for dolls.

  8. Great tip! I’ll have to remember that. LOL at Amy’s tip.

  9. Lady Why Says:

    Yikes! What a toy! Thankfully we haven’t had something that bad in a Happy Meal… but we rarely get the Happy Meals either. It’s usually ‘dollar menu’ all the way! But, occasionally we do so I’m going to have to be on the look out.

    I love the buy-the-toy-for-a-dollar idea! Brilliant! And, a win-win for everyone!

  10. T with Honey Says:

    I’ll have to try this in the future but I don’t think Princess would have let me buy her rollerskating MyScene doll from her. I intentionally did not buy a Happy Meal because of the toys the night of The Wiggles concert but the cashier handed one (without charging me) directly to Princess anyway. As I was about to intercept and hand it back Princess sighed and in this cute, high-pitched breathy voice said “It’s my angel.” I crumbled and she’s been playing with her ‘angel’ ever since. Ugh! Maybe she’ll let me make a choir robe for her angel to wear?

  11. kat Says:

    Thanks for the idea. My daughter came home from a play day and she had this toy. But she knows the drill and handed it over straight away. The dollar would have sweetened the deal though.

  12. Christina Says:

    To get around this, I always ask for a the toys for kids under 3, it’s advertised in very small print on their menu somewhere. I like your idea to get the ‘boy’ toy in stead, however I have all boys so that shouldn’t be a problem!

  13. Heather H Says:

    That’s a great idea to buy the toy for a dollar and then have them buy a more appropriate toy at the dollar store. However, how do you explain why YOU want the toy and why it’s okay for YOU to have it?? (Maybe this is a no-brainer, bear with me, I don’t have children yet.)

  14. Tanya Says:

    Good tip! We try to go to ChickfilA instead of Mickey D’s, but sometimes we just can’t help it. This is a great idea for those weird scary looking dragon thingies they always seem to get.

  15. Hollie Says:

    I am glad that my daughter is liking Subway more then McD’s but since I have a friend who works for public relations at head office for said co..I will email her your blog addy if you dont mind. Public opinion matters lots to them by the way and they have changed many things over the years based on what moms say! I so happen to agree that toys marketed to young children need to be more appopriately dressed…do we really want to raisy hoochy mommas? I love the buy for a buck but we had was the treasure chest trade off.

    I bought a bunch of lil toys for less then a $1. Mostly at garage sales and the like and put them in a tresure chest( got for $1) and if there was something she got that she aint supposed to have she can trade it for a draw from the treasure chest.

  16. Kathy Days Says:

    Burger King and Wendy’s usually have good toys, and you can request “toddler toys” for the younger crowd, at BK at least.

    I can’t believe that doll!

  17. Stephanie Says:

    Another idea is to take the toy back to the counter (before opening) and ask for the under 3 toy. I realize that your daughter is 4 but sometimes they have something that she might like to play with that is much more appropriate. My daughter is 3 so I feel your pain with the above toy – especially when she sees other kids playing with their toys.

  18. Jessianna Says:

    ^^ They all beat me to it. I was going to say when I taught a very small K class, we had several field trips that included McD lunch. It was standard to get the toddler toy. Some of them are actually more fun anyway.

  19. TX Poppet Says:

    Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Four letters. One to the franchise owner. One to coporate marketing. One to the President of whatever this thing is supposed to be promoting. And the last one to the editor of your newspaper pointing out the overwhelming online reaction to this thing.

  20. mom2fur Says:

    Wow, I’m sure glad my daughter is 23 and way past this stage. I think these Bratz dolls are creepy. What’s with those lips? ]
    My daughter’s best friend’s little girl is turning 8 next week, so I asked Katherine(my daughter) what she’d like. Katherine said, ‘well, she likes the Bratz dolls.’ Forget that. I’ve heard the baby ones wear thong diapers. True? Ick!
    So I’m making her a little handbag with lavendar fabric and stuffing it with some inexpensive, cute things, like flavored lip gloss and a mini Chinese fan.

  21. Summer Says:

    That doll is absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe they would put that in a little girl’s happy meal!

  22. Jennifer Says:

    We don’t get happy meals very often, so fortunately we’ve never gotten any that were innapropriate in that particular way, but I agree with asking for an under-3 toy most of the time, because even though my older kids are 5 1/2 and 3 1/2, sometimes they’ve gotten like mini board games or something that I know they wouldn’t have any fun with. The under-3 toys always seem to be one-piece and fun.

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