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Thing I Love- Cariboo November 14, 2007

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cariboo.jpg So I mentioned that we got caught up in the whole Aquadots debacle. The hubby and I decided we would take Lily to Target to get a new toy to replace the one we lovingly took away. To my delight she passed through all the Barbie/ Disney Princess/ Polly Pockets crap aisles and picked out a board game. Not that I don’t enjoy all that other stuff, but how much of it can you have? Seriously. Plus, I love a good board game.

She picked out Cariboo cause it had a treasure hunt in it. Ever since my mom staged a treasure hunt to her 4th birthday gift, she has been hooked. She wants to do them all the time. Treasure hunt apparently now trumps princesses.

Cariboo is made by the people who make Cranium. I love it because it has a major educational component to it, but it is still really fun. It reinforces colors, shapes, letters and numbers and has a beginner and advanced level. She loves it and plays it over and over.

I think I will be checking into some other Cranium games for future gifts. I think this might be super fun for Lily (or a future date night).  They even have a rather fun blog. You gotta love a company that has a blog.


5 Responses to “Thing I Love- Cariboo”

  1. Georgia Mom Says:

    We LOVE Hullaballo and Cadoo!!! We play them all the time. Fun in a box!!!

  2. M Says:

    I was just going to say my kids love Hullaballo too!

  3. Char Says:

    Clare has been wanting Hullaballo for a while now….I was actually thinking of getting it for Christmas this year.

  4. jubilee Says:

    sounds like fun. who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt?

  5. adventuremom Says:

    Cool sounding game! We love games over here. We are adding this to our shopping list for Christmas.

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