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Week 7- How bout something a little racy (and lacy)? November 17, 2007

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This week we are going to dust the cobwebs off some of those articles of clothing you got at your “personal” shower. Remember the things you took on your honeymoon and then never wore again (please tell me that isn’t just me)? It’s probably in pristine condition. Maybe even stilll has the tags on it. I’m talkin’ about your lingerie.

Perhaps you are laughing right now thinking…I wore that back before kids. Or to be more accurate…I wore that about 4 sizes ago. Ok, so go buy some new stuff that fits. Wait, I already have an answer to your next argument. Yes, it is silly to spend money on something that will be on for a few seconds, but you are missing the point.

Men are very visual creatures and it would be a nice treat for your hubby to see that you have put lots of thought and effort into the evening. You don’t have to spend a ton of money. Even Walmart has lingerie. Again, this is about making an effort and showing your hubby that he is important enough to shower and look nice for. Maybe even shave your legs for…well, let’s not go crazy.

Are you in?


8 Responses to “Week 7- How bout something a little racy (and lacy)?”

  1. bigbinder Says:

    (Sigh), you’re right. I SO don’t like what I look like in that ‘stuff’ anymore but I’m sure my husband would. I’m sure there is some stashed in the back of my underwear drawer somewhere…

  2. Char Says:

    Yeah, I too have a stash in the far reaches of the back of the closet…and you are so right, when you say that it was only worn a few times. I do have to tell ya though….another tip….recently, when we go on trips away (and we’re not staying with friends) I only pack lingerie for my pj’s. It totally suprised hubs, and put the spice in our weekend away that we needed! And yes, when I came home it was back to the old t-shirts and pj pants I normally wear…it’s the effort though right 🙂

  3. canearl Says:

    The timing on this challenge is perfect! Hubs and I are going on a 3 day 2 night get-a-way. The kids will be with my mom so we’re really excited. I’ve already packed a couple of special things just for our trip.

  4. twithhoney Says:

    Too funny! I’ve been following this challenge, although not really following through with it. On Sat morning (the day of this post) I found myself at VS shopping for undergarments. The bra I needed to go with my dress had a brown outside, but hiding on the inside is a leopard print. I decided to splurge on matching bottoms.
    Yesterday I tried out my purchase and it was so fun!! I felt like I had this super sexy secret identity.
    Something racy or lacy can be fun not only for him, but for you too!

  5. kerry Says:

    This is perfect timing! My hubs just bought a little something for me, er um, him a few weeks ago and we’ve been so sick I know he’s dying for me to wear it.

    I’m in!

  6. kerry Says:

    p.s. can you send me the link for the button so I can put it up? Thanks.

  7. Jill T. Says:

    I’m totally going shopping this weekend. I’ve felt a little slobbish in the undergarment department for a while. You’ve brought me to reality. My baby is 8-months old now…time to stop wearing maternity panties.

  8. Britni Says:

    Lingerie really make all the difference…even if it’s just some sexy thong. They like you naked, but like you almost naked even more.

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