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Best Date Night Ever November 30, 2007

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pillow.jpg The hubby and I have been in serious need of a date night. But the money in the date night budget is spent and so it did not look like it was in the cards. Then I got a lovely email yesterday asking if I was available to do a “secret shop” at a local Mexican restaurant. Clever me, I turned it into a date!

I was going to do this fabulous “Frugal Friday” post on how great secret shopping is, but I realized I really don’t have any resources to pass on to explain to you how to do it. When we lived in Chicago, I was signed up with a whole host of companies and actually did shops every couple of weeks. I didn’t make much money, but we went to restaurants and movies for free which I found to be worth the 2 minutes it took to fill out a report.

If I may digress for a moment and tell you quickly about one particular movie theatre date in which the young man selling tickets was to busy using a ticket stub to clean dirt out from underneath his finger nails to be helpful…well, actually that’s the whole story right there. Needless to say, he didn’t receive high marks in customer service.

So anyway, this “shop” required me to call in a carryout order and then sit at the bar and order drinks and an appetizer while waiting for my order. So the hubby and I saddle up to the bar. He orders a beer the size of his head (cause after all, it is free) and I get a glass of wine. The bartender is excellent so he gets high marks, but we have managed to sit down next to Chatty McChatterson. She is clearly a regular by her banter with the bartender. After a bizarre story about the local hockey team’s mascot’s inappropriate come ons, I head over to pick up my carry out order, stranding the hubby to listen to a long list of grievances Chatty has with her company (which happens to be my hubby’s company also…probably not a smart move on Chatty’s part).

Anywho, I head over to pick up the order and they inform me they have forgotten to place it. They are so apologetic, but I keep thinking, “Man, did you pick the wrong order to screw up.” But they throw in some free guacamole to compensate. A little know fact about me- guacamole can pretty much erase any sins committed against me. So while I am waiting for my food, I try calling on my hubby’s cell to rescue him from small talk hell. He finally makes it over to me and we head home.

The food didn’t do so well on the ride home and was mediocre at best. The dessert was delicious though so does anything else really matter? We watched some Survivor, Pushing Daisies and Scrubs and headed to bed.

At this point, you might be wondering why this post is titled, “Best Date Night Ever” when it sounds like and extremely lame date night with marginal food, pathetic TV viewing and a run in with annoying bar lady. Because when we went to bed, we woke up 8 1/2 hours later without any interruption. Why? Cause the kiddos spent the night with the grandparents. Seriously, I could spend a date night cleaning out the hubbies toenails (and you know how I feel about feet) and think it was a success if uninterrupted sleep was involved. Now it is 9:30 and the hubby and I are both still in our pajamas. It’s like the date night that just keeps on givin’.


10 Responses to “Best Date Night Ever”

  1. SAHMmy Says Says:

    Sounds divine! Now that I’ve got the baby (somewhat) sleep trained, I just have to wait a few more months to wean her then we can grant Grandma’s wish to keep the kiddos overnight and we can have a kid-free slumber party!

  2. Elaine Says:

    Hmm. I think I need you to tell me how to sign up to be a secret shopper. Free date nights sound good to me!

  3. Candace Says:

    It’s funny how low your standards get for a good date night when you have kids! Grandparents that keep your kids over night are the best.

  4. Heather H Says:

    i have no children, but i do know the glories of uninterrupted sleep. beautiful! i hope the wine was good and that the beer helped your hubby drown out some of the chatter…

  5. Hey Nerd! Since I’m jealous of your uninterrupted sleep, I just wanted to tell you I am wearing my AWESOME “Mommy Blogger” t-shirt today! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! WHO’S JEALOUS NOW?

  6. adventuremom Says:

    Ok, I personally know our home town hockey mascot who happens to be married with two kids. I am sure that overly chatty lady took his comments way out of context. Just needed to stand up for Griff 🙂

  7. jubilee Says:

    I hope they gave you a whole tub of guacamole — and yes, it so covers a multitude of sins!

  8. Char Says:

    You need to share your source for the secret shopper…I so would love to get paid to do things like that. I too love uninterupted sleep…you know what my favorite part about those date nights are though…the fact that you can sleep in past 7am without someone coming in and jumping on you to wake you up!

  9. Paige Says:

    What a great date! YOu have to fill me in on how to sign up to be a mystery shopper. That’s my dream! I love to shop, love to dine out, and love to write!

  10. Karen Says:

    I enjoyed reading your entertaining account because I also do secret shopping from time to time. I got my last eye exam paid for and part of the cost of my new glasses that way. And my hubby always gets our oil changes through being a mystery shopper.

    I see that some readers are asking how to get started.

    Here’s some info on how to get started as a secret shopper:

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